How should you approach SEO when re-designing your website?

When redesigning your company website you are recreating your key online consumer touchpoint. Your objectives behind the redesign may be to improve the user experience, make the website more accessible, easy to navigate and perhaps bringing the design into the 21st century.

You are set on building the website in Flash, because you want your site to emit the same luxury and exclusivity of the ROLEX website…

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STOP right there! Unless your company is in the same playing field as ROLEX, emitting exclusivity is not enough if your website redesign is not going to increase traffic levels to your site. Failing to consider SEO during your website redesign process is the biggest mistake that your company can make, because doing band-aid solution SEO once your website has gone live is like building a ROLEX watch and forgetting to put in the pieces that will make the watch tick.

Increase website usability to visitors and search engines through SEO

– Use site language and messaging that is consistent with the user’s perception of your product or service. Incorporate SEO copy that reflects the way users search through a well researched content strategy.
– Review and analyse your analytics reports carefully and ensure that you preserve certain aspects of the website that are working well.
– Implement 301 permanent redirects which applies the old URL and backlinks to the new URL. What this in effect does is it tells the search engine where to find your new website pages. If your website cannot be found by the search engines you will lose all previous rankings and ultimately traffic.
– Ensure that the rich Internet technologies implemented on the website are both crawlable and indexable by the search engines. For example Flash and Ajax are key website design tools, that, if implemented incorrectly will affect SEO efforts.
– Do not remove content on the current website that supports coveted rankings without assessing the risks. This is a tricky element and your search engine marketing company will be best placed to consult how this will affect SEO.
– Most importantly, include search engine optimisation as both a business and technical requirement before the website design process has even begun.

If your company is planning a website redesign, it is the PERFECT time to phone a search engine marketing company because if SEO is not a consideration and a priority early on, it will be 10 times more expensive to try to re-engineer search engine optimisation at the end of the project.

Get experienced search engine optimisation advice that will meet your company’s unique business objective, situation and needs.

Ensure that SEO is an integral part of the redesign process.

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