How to Boost B2B Lead Generation

Australian Business to Business (B2B) Sales Lead Generation

The internet provides B2B marketers with an exceptional means of sales lead generation if handled correctly. Improving the visibility of your website to your target audience and being recognised as a quality source of industry thought-leadership is an effective means of distinguishing your business from the competition.

The gestation period of the usual B2B sales cycle is often longer than the B2C sales. Generally B2B lead generation involves complex project or solution selling and as a result there is a reluctance to be informative – there is a feeling amongst many B2B product or service providers that being informative removes value from the product. This need not be the case, if the information is presented in such a way as to lean the audience towards your product or service.

Businesses often find it more cost effective to create a presales department which qualifying protential customers but a targeted online B2B lead generation effort will deliver the leads you require – then it’s up to your sales department to convert them.

Your Website Should Be Your Online B2B Lead Generator

If you invest time and effort in online marketing, regular qualified traffic to your website is inevitable and with Google now the prime resource tool for most B2B buyers in Australia, conquering the online potential offers unparalleled opportunities.

For a more immediate turnaround, where if you are prepared to pay for B2B sales leads, pay-per-click campaigns such as AdWords offers qualified visitors, however it’s not as cost effective as Google optimisation in the long run.

Rather than investing in a pre-sales department geared at evaluating the best potential sales leads, the internet and search engines like Google do this for you by only returning your website for relevant search results so you get more qualified leads from businesses actively seeking what you offer.

Landing Pages are a highly effective lead generation tool for Business to Business (B2B)

A targeted landing page, including a specific call to action and focused on one product area is an excellent means of generating B2B leads. What kind of information to provide will depend on whether you have a high or low-involvement product but enticing page visitors to submit their details for more information can effectively generate new leads for your business. Used in tandem with your AdWords campaign, you will only receive visitors that are actively seeking your product or service.

Build Trust & A Strong Reputation in Your Industry for sustained B2B lead generation

Providing help information such as White Papers and Online screencasts of your products can be a very effective way of building  leads and prospects whilst they are early in the decision making cycle. If you inform prospects with quality information at the research stage, they are more likely to return at the purchasing stage. This again ties in with your SEO and AdWords strategy as you must target research (longtail) keywords as well as purchasing keywords, which are essentially keywords inputted by web searchers closer to the purchase decision in the bying process.

Being a source of quality industry information allows you to distinguish your business – making your competitive advantage easier to identify with for buyers.

Build Collaborative Partnerships inside and outside your organisation

Your website is a valuable resource and should be a strong online B2B lead generator but focusing all your efforts online should be avoided.

Creating a collaborative culture amongst all internal and external stakeholders through effective internal and external marketing initiatives should allow your organisation to leverage synergies to generate more effective sales leads. This will be relevant to some industries more than others but actively promoting cross-channel communication can present the most cost-effective sales leads for your business.

Examples of such would include rewarding employee insights and new ideas and prompting customers to suggest ways of improving product offerings, which may open up new markets at a relatively low cost of entry. Or getting maintenance and support staff involved in the lead generation process by trying to assess further needs of customers. Such a customer-centric focus across the business can improve how everything operates for the end user – your customer – which is likely to facilitate positive word of mouth.

Externally, business partners and other stake holders, including local government, may have a vested interest in assisting you with lead generation – for reciprocal reasons or job creation in the case of government so it may pay to investigate forging partnerships as an effective means of B2B lead generation.

Customising your Product Offering can be a good B2b sales lead generator

Instead of selling a one-size-fits-all product or service, minor tweaks such as additional after-sales support or staggered payment plans can entice businesses with different constraints and expectations to invest in your product. Minor changes don’t cost much but can be a key differentiator in distinguishing your business.

Trying a range of online and offline initiatives is proactive and recommended approach to generating B2B sales leads. Your website should be major driver of sales generation and for most businesses in Australia, presents a largely untapped B2B lead generation opportunity. To get an effective and comprehensive online marketing strategy, contact today on 1300 650 274.

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