How To Build Your Social Media Audience

grow you social media audience

The Five P’s To Increase Your Social Media Audience

It’s a familiar situation: You have decided to set up some social media accounts for your business. After planning your strategy and creating the accounts, you’ve been excitedly pushing out posts. But despite all the effort, your audience has remained static.

So what do you do?

Don’t stress. We’ve got you covered. We created the Five P’s to increase your social media audience. Follow these five tips and watch your social media audiences soar.

1. Probe

In your excitement to create your social media accounts you may have missed something. Go back and check over all the small details.

Are your display pictures the right sizes and do they look professional? Have you filled out all the correct details? Are your descriptions well written and sharp? Check out this infographic to see the ideal sizes for various social network images.

These may seem like minor details, but for a social media user and potential customer they are the subtle cues that often determine if your business is a legitimate enterprise and worth following.

2. Plan 

Look over your metrics to see which content is being viewed, Liked or favourited, shared or retweeted, commented on and clicked the most.

Determine if there’s a pattern with the engaging content. Was it asking questions or inviting a discussion? Did it include a striking image? Was the content was short and sharp? Was it long and detailed?

With this information at your fingertips, refine your content plan to include more examples of this type of content for future posts.

Remember, your social media campaign should be less about promoting your company and more about developing a relationship with your customers.

Customers need to see that you are providing value through posts that are informative, fun, engaging and not always trying to sell something.

They will be more encouraged to follow your social media accounts if you are offering content that they want to see.

“Social channels are not the place to force your brand messaging on unsuspecting fans; online audiences are particularly wary of thinly veiled advertising labelled as content,” says Mashable’s social media blogger Stephanie Walden.

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3. Pay

Unfortunately, while social media channels are a great way to communicate with customers, there are many other companies doing the same thing. As such, getting customers to see your message can be difficult.

Paying to reach their feeds is one way to overcome this.

“Many brands find that allocating a good portion of their marketing dollars for advertising on social media is a necessity, not an option, if they want a bigger audience,” says social media marketer Bob Cargill.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to advertise on social media.

This is because you can choose how much you want to spend and what sort of people you want to target.

“$500 in social media could be effective for up to 14 weeks and will result in an engaged audience where the return on investment can be tracked in real-time,” says web agency KND Digital Director Chris Garrett.

4. Prizes

Who doesn’t love something for free? Running a contest is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build your audience.

And according to a Nielsen survey for Twitter 38% of UK Twitter users said they followed a brand just to take part in competitions. So it’s clearly worth the time.

“With the right techniques contests can engage your community and grow your business,” says Social Media Examiner’s Amanda DiSilvestro.

Make sure that the prize is worthwhile and that you promote the contest in a fun way. Similarly, don’t run the competition for too long as people will forget about it. Create an urgency and a time limit and they’ll be more likely to enter.

At, we recently undertook an in-house Facebook competition before Christmas with our sister brand Instant Gifts. The campaign attracted more than 100,000 forms of engagement and over 500 entries through daily giveaways.

5. Promote

It may be obvious, but you shouldn’t forget to promote your social media whenever you can.

Tell your customers to follow your page after every transaction.

Place social media buttons on your website and in your email signature so customers can easily click through to your social pages.

“Don’t make them track you down – make it simple for them to connect with you,” says John Rampton of Forbes.

Encourage employees to connect with your business social media pages and engage with them.

As Rampton suggests: “Don’t be spammy – but don’t be afraid to share. By doing this, they will know you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and they can share them with everyone they know. This is a simple way to get the word out.”


Building your social media audience takes time and commitment.

But by being consistent with your social media offerings and undertaking the five P’s you’ll be on your way to more followers.

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