Google+ Local Reviews – Why They Are Important & How to Get Them

As mentioned last week by our Local Search guru John Rosato in his article on the benefits of Google+ Local, reviews carry a lot of weight.

With the addition of Zagat to Google+ Local, reviews are set to become a major force in your online marketing arsenal, which is why we are providing you with a PDF on “How to Get Google+ Reviews” available to download below!

How do you get Google+ Local reviews? Use’s FREE review guide

We know as well as anyone that getting reviews for your business can be a trying process. So, to combat this, we’ve put together a handy little “How to Get Google+ Local Reviews” PDF to assist businesses to simplify the process.

Best yet, our guide is completely FREE, meaning that any business can utilise it to better their Google+ profile, all thanks to the giving souls at

Click above to download and share – Happy Google+’ing everyone!

Why Google+ Local reviews are important for your business

  • They are given emphasis in search engine results: Reviews posted by people in your circles are highlighted in Google searches. That means that the more customers you have leave positive reviews, the more likely new customers are going to see recommendations in their search results

    Google Plus Circle Review

  • They help shape your Google+ profile: What people say in their reviews is identified by Google as relating directly to your business. The At a Glance section that features under Zagat reviews are the phrases Google has found to be mentioned most about your business. If you’re getting rave reviews for your restaurant’s porterhouse steaks, odds are that this term will show up in At a Glance. Prompt customers to mention the service/product they utilised to ensure your best work is getting highlighted in your review profile.

    roi google+ local at a glance

  • Word of mouth is back with a vengeance: First it was review websites, then social media got in on the act, now Google+ has perfected word of mouth marketing online. With complete social media profiles attached to all reviews, no longer will it be easy for people to hide behind fake identities, making it vital for your business to ensure all the words coming out of people’s mouths are positive.
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