How to link articles to your website

Q. Wondering what is the best way to link articles back to your main website?

A. Articles are a great way to build backlinks to your website whilst providing useful content to readers about a topic of interest. Although writing an article takes more time, consideration and effort than submitting links to web directories or other faster forms of linkbuilding, a well written, informative article can provide you with more search engine optimisation value. Articles give you the opportunity to link back to your website with anchor text surrounded by relevant content about your business or industry. An article also enables you to educate the reader about your product or service and build brand awareness on the internet, which is always a good thing.

When writing articles, try to include the keywords you wish to target in a natural way, and don’t forget to add a link back to your site! The anchor text of the link can be a keyword if possible or if you are unable to link within the article body a link with your brandname will still provide some value to your website and search engine optimisation. Try to avoid generic words as your anchor text such as “click here” as this doesn’t help to tell the search engines what topic they will find when visiting your website. Positioning the link near the start of the article will also help to provide more value, as the more visible a link is, the higher amount of importance Google will award the link, plus the more likely it is the readers will see the link and hopefully visit your website to find out more!

Please remember, your article might actually be read by a human reader, so ask yourself when writing the article “is this going to provide useful content to readers”. Also, remember to do a spell-check before posting an article and use good English so Google can easily index the content.

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