How to make your website sell without discounting on the Internet

Web demands simplicity

Simple business development and marketing innovations are easy to implement and cost effective to sustain – like ‘intelligent viral marketing’ in the online world. In fact it is the most powerful means of securing customers, without having to resort to revenue depleting discounts. In viral marketing your satisfied customers do a great job of selling your products /services – all for free! Successfully initiating and managing a ‘wow’ web –customer experience is all that it takes to start benefiting from a ‘virtuous circle’ of delighted customers who drive you more loyal customers.

Building Customer Empathy

Customers love simple actions that make them feel valuable. A ‘warm–empathetic’ response to any customer request (even the most trivial/funny request) is all that it takes to get your ‘intelligent viral marketing’ going as customers spread the good word around. For example if you are an internet based gifts seller, you could offer free personality profiling and gift matching. So you can imagine the customer delight these simple software applications will generate. Such thoughtful process innovations drive repeat traffic and generate great referral traffic too with high rates of conversions thanks to thoughtful add-ons with gifts. The welcome novelty of your internet business’ approach to customer issues makes it a zero discount, all benefits brand differentiator. However do remember to keep track of your competitions’ movements to outsmart them in similar web initiatives.

Stay focused

Successful internet based viral marketing on the web requires great staying power. Ideally you should browse how competition is tapping into customer markets and adapting to the changing demands of customers. Consistency in service and product quality and customer needs fulfillment processes pays off more than discounts or even freebies. To avoid spending lots of time strategising and researching, it is advisable to hire an experienced web marketing vendor / expert to implement industry best practices and to sustain them for a lifetime brand promotion programme involving real customer testimonials. An experienced web marketing service provider can easily optimise your website for all the leading search engines. A higher page ranking complements other marketing initiatives like e-mail campaigns with well written persuasive messaging.

Insist on premium quality products

Consumers are ready to forgo tempting discounts only when they are sure of the premium product or service that you may be offering on your website. Do strive to build a reputation of always supplying excellent quality products backed by equally great service innovations. It is important that you sustain high quality in all your efforts – persuasive web content, high quality images, well known affiliates to promote, and an empathetic service fulfillment team for building customers’ word of mouth advertising. To ensure that you always raise the bar on quality, it is important to hire a best –in-class web marketing agency that can provide you with industry best practices cost effectively.

Leveraging proven marketing expertise

The road to web success for your viral marketing efforts can often have unexpected obstacles that could prove to be painful show stoppers. Even a trivial mistake could sabotage your marketing campaign e.g. bulk mailing with a heavy image attachment could simply make recipient mail servers reject your e-mails because their size may be too big. So it is a smart decision to hire a time tested online marketing expert/vendor to avoid common mistakes and also capitalise on their proven industry knowledge.

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