How To Register On Facebook

A quick guide from for Australian business owners new to Facebook

Facebook is arguably the most powerful and influential entity on earth when it comes to social media and networking. With over 10 million Australians using Facebook on a regular basis, it has become the most effective and important social networking tool for staying in touch with friends and reaching out to new ones.

Registering On Facebook Is Quick And Easy

Creating a profile on Facebook is incredibly simple. All you need to do in order to set up your own Facebook account is visit and enter the details requested on the home screen. These include very basic details such as your name, a date of birth, gender, email address (which will become your log in name) and password.


Step Two Is A Simple Security Check:


Then Move on to Connecting With Friends, Colleagues & Other Businesses

Once you have entered your basic Facebook registration information your account is up and running and you are able to connect with networks of friends, businesses or celebrities you are interested in. Your Facebook profile can be customised with your own chosen profile picture, privacy settings and profile layout. It’s easy to find your friends, just enter your e-mail address and Facebook does the rest!



Upload A Photo So Friends & Business Partners Know Who You Are

Facebook also is a great way to share your photos with friends. Uploading photos is also very easy using Facebook and is a major component to your Facebook page. The evolution of Facebook has allowed millions of people all over the world to connect and share information and profiles, as well as created a new generation of what is now known as social networking and social media.

So now you’ve registered, what’s what on Facebook?

This is what your Facebook profile page looks like:

Our guide explains the basics of everything you need to know if your new to Facebook. It’s becoming an increasingly important part of online marketing – it will pay to be proactive so take the time to get involved.

What Can Facebook Do For My Business?

Facebook can also be a very effective way to advertise or promote your business. Advertising your business on Facebook is a very effective way to reach specific target audiences through a specified avenue. There are two ways to advertise on Facebook- you can either set up your own businesses’ page where people can visit and stay up to date with your company progress/products etc., or you can pay to advertise on other Facebook pages.

Advertising on other Facebook pages is incredibly beneficial in that Facebook to correlates its user demographic with specific products and services of interest, for example: gender, age or relationship status linked with fashion, dating services or beauty products etc. so your business is getting exposure to your exact target audience.

Get the most out of your social media campaign with our dedicated team of specialists.



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