How To Register On Twitter

What is Twitter?

Following on from yesterday’s article on How To Register on Facebook, here’s another quick guide for social media newbies in Australia aiming to get an online presence by registering on Twitter.

Twitter is a key social media tool for your business’ online presence. It enables you to communicate your products, services, deals and industry expertise to your followers through short, 140 character messages – more commonly known as ‘tweets’.


You shouldn’t be. Twitter is a simple, easy-to-use medium that can advantage any type of business. It’s seen as a combination of email, instant messenger, VoIP tools and online communication interfaces, taking the best parts of the aforementioned and delivering them to you in one streamlined system that is being used by thousands all over the globe.

How can twitter benefit your business online?

Twitter assists you to get your brand out into the social media realm. Connecting your website with your twitter account enables you to use the medium to strengthen your site, all through the information you tweet to your followers.

When setting up your Twitter account, it’s important to create a username that is closely related to your business. Not only will this enable users to easily find you on Twitter, it will also enable you create an identifiable brand across all social mediums.

What are followers on Twitter?

Followers are the users that are privy to the information you ‘tweet’ on Twitter. Users make a conscious choice to follow your brand, so it’s very important to ensure that you maintain a regular, worthwhile presence on the site.

If you’re tweeting quality information regularly, more users are likely to follow you, and more followers equates to a larger target audience for your business.

Get Twitter followers for your business

Followers can be made up of a range of individuals and companies. Essentially you are looking for followers who are interested in the products, services and information offered by your business and industry. Clients, employees and relevant industry heavyweights make worthwhile followers.

It’s good to have followers that possess a strong fan base themselves, as it opens your business up to greater marketing scope through re-tweets.

What are re-tweets on Twitter?

Re-tweets occur when one of your followers enjoys the information you have tweeted, such as an industry article, and shares it with their group of followers.

The effect of this is two-fold. Your article is circulated to a new target audience, which then in turn, leads to more users visiting your page and becoming followers of your business.

Your Twitter goal is to get as many qualified followers for your business as possible, increasing your industry credibility and ultimately driving more traffic to your main website.

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When it comes to creating a Twitter profile for your business, it pays to have an expert opinion on your side. The team at specialise in Twitter marketing and social media optimisation, and can assist you with how to set up your account so as to work best for your business online.

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