How to Select a High Quality Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Firm

Five tips to make your job easier

Selecting a high quality search engine optimi sation company is not an easy task. There are a large number of them out there and they all claim to have what it takes to get top results. You will find a list of 5 tips below that will help you to ensure that you select a good quality SEO company that will get you results.

1. Google should be considered the main target search engine

The three major search engines that people use across the world are Google, Yahoo and MSN. Out of the big 3, Google is used by far more people and currently accounts for more than 90% of all search engine activity in Australia. Although achieving rankings in Yahoo and MSN is beneficial , they should not by any means be a measure of success. Your chosen company should only be measuring success based on achieving results in Google.

2. Success should only be measured as Top 10 results or better

Regardless of which search engine a user prefers , statistics show time and time again that less than 10% of Internet users click past the first page of results (top 10). Any company that considers achieving a top 20 (or even lower result) as achieving success is ill informed. Combined with the point above, you are looking for a SEO company that measures success based on achieving top 10 results (or better) on Google.

3. Can the company provide examples of #1 Google results

It is important that the SEO company can provide examples of #1 ranking results on Google that they have achieved in competitive areas. A general way to measure the competitiveness of a search term is to type it into Google and then look at the total number of results. Any results below 500,000 pages are fairly non-competitive areas.

Eg. ‘Burwood Apartments’ is a very uncompetitive search term whereas ‘Melbourne Accommodation’ is a highly competitive search term.

4. Where is the company ranked for their own target terms?

It is important that the company is ranked in the top 10 search results (or better) on Google for their own search terms. Keep in mind that it is an extremely competitive area online however you should ensure that the company is ranked for at least 1 of the following search terms: search engine optimisation, search engine optimization, search engine marketing or seo.

5. Results can never be guaranteed

Be wary of search engine optimization companies that offer guarantees on achieving results, especially #1 position results. Although a great concept, unfortunately no SEO company controls any of the search engine algorithms and therefore cannot guarantee results regardless of how confident they are.

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