How To Sell Your Boring Product On Facebook

The reality is that not every product is as stylish as the new MacBook, as appealing as the latest BMW, or as lively as Red Bull’s all new energy drink. By common knowledge, we’re all aware that certain products sell themselves, but that doesn’t mean that just because an item is dull, its marketing has to be.

So you’re selling paperclips, bathroom supplies, plasterboard? If anything, these products give you more reason and licence to experiment, and there is no better avenue for this than Facebook. The concept of marketing via Facebook can be simple; if people see content that is positive, emotional or inspiring then they will want to pass on this feeling to others, therefore sharing your post and increasing your exposure. There are, however, many variables in achieving the goal of going viral.

Keep it simple

People don’t care about the specs of a run-of –the-mill product so complexity will deter them immediately. Make it relatable to them by talking about your product’s purpose in real-life situations, and most importantly only tell them what they need to know. This simplicity will make your content less daunting and more advantageous to the individual.

Make it visual

Our brains have become so accustomed to blocking out samey content that using strong visuals is absolutely essential. If you’re visualising your product show it amongst a unique setting; somewhere colourful or trendy that will stand out from the newsfeed. A simple product image on a white background is plain boring and isn’t going to stop your audience scrolling.


Tell your product’s story

Communicate how your product has made a difference in the world, or to an individual’s life. This instantly creates an emotional connection that makes your brand relatable, appealing and trustworthy. Let’s say you’re a printing company, show people the important documents, colourful adverts, and appealing banners that you’ve created and what they’ve done for your clients.

Post funny content

Social media, particularly Facebook, has opened the door for humorous marketing techniques. If you can create or share funny posts then you will go viral in no time. The key point here is about leveraging your content – check in on what’s trending, find things relatable to your product and use helpful apps such as Canva and Meme Generator. To use an example here; Tipp-Ex took their pocket mouse and created a series of funny videos that picked up over 46 million views and more than 1 million social media shares.

Educate first, sell second

Gradually educating your audience with a steady feed of information about your brand or product is a great way to position the sale. The misconception here however may be that educating someone about a boring product will be, itself, boring. Our example shows that this is not the case; a funeral director in the US addressed the subject of death and created a series of educational, fun and interactive videos that give insight into her industry without the hard sell. This can be a great way of engaging if done correctly, and leads us on to the next valuable consideration.

Become a go-to source for answers

This is all about building trust, the most powerful selling tool. Once your audience considers you a responsive and helpful outlet, then not only will they like and share your posts but they will hold your brand in a positive light, making them more likely to become a customer. Your average person may have no idea about accounting services, washing machine parts and so on so people will value the expert advice available at their fingertips.

Talk about your audience

Similarly it is important to encourage a discussion about your audience. People don’t care as much about your brand as they do their own needs so consider them when you post, respond, and share. If you sell power tools start a blog about DIY, if its kitchen appliances then post about kitchen design. It’s a simple idea that can be vital in developing a positive connection between the consumer and your brand.


The key for any business is unearthing its unique and authentic themes and origins and using them to produce distinctive content. The potential of content marketing lies in your level of commitment and creativity, and this is true of your Facebook campaign. Never be afraid to experiment and delve into the unexpected to stand out in the newsfeed and remember that your product is not a limitation, only an excuse to create even more exciting and engaging content. Ask yourself how your posts can educate and encourage healthy discussion amongst your audience and don’t throw too much at them at once; run-of-the-mill products require a gradual approach.


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