How To Use Google Analytics

Do you have a Google Analytics Account?

The first step in using Google Analytics is to ensure that you have created a Google Analytics account and that you the snippet of tracking code provided from your account has been installed correctly on every page of your website. We will explain exactly how to add the tracking code to your website at a later stage in this series of articles.

Once your installation has been completed successfully, you will be able to begin to use Google Analytics to improve your website performance. Google Analytics will get to work recording all of the data for every single visit you receive to your site – what keyword brought your visitors; how long they stayed; what they viewed as well as when they left your site.

To make use of Google Analytics easier, Google then collates all of the data collected and presents it to you in a series of informative tables and charts, divided into various sections.  In this way Google helps you to determine what data is the most relevant in terms of identifying opportunities to increase your websites traffic and performance.

Google Analytics is an enormously powerful and free business tool

All standard Google Analytics reports and the customisable reports available make use of various metrics and parameters that when applied, help you to discover with considerable accuracy, exactly what does and doesn’t work on your website. When you have begun to learn how to use Google Analytics you will find it is an enormously powerful web analysis tool, helping transform your website into a significant business asset and in turn, converting your online presence into a real revenue spinner and brand building tool.

Exactly how you make use of your Google Analytics data will vary depending on the size and functionality of your site as well as the level of traffic it generates and the extent of your online strategy. E-Commerce sites, flash, video and interactive sites require a greater depth of knowledge when using Google Analytics as there is expanded data sets available to help track these types of sites in more detail.

Analytics provides a valuable insight into online marketing

Websites using both Google AdWords campaigns, search engine optimisation and marketing can obtain valuable insights and comparisons between their paid and free searches, learning how to transfer the areas of their AdWords campaigns that are generating sales into their organic Google optimization campaigns to save massive amounts of dollars in the future.

Using historical and geographical data to determine where and during what part of the year your product or service is strongest presents an opportunity to rework your marketing strategy to improve current weak areas or to take better advantage of your most profitable seasons and locations.

The scope and extent to which Google Analytics can assist your business is virtually limitless – the ability all business owners have to promote their business growth by applying the data available from Analytics intelligently is a great argument to get on board and start learning how to use your Analytics account today!

Understanding Google Analytics and learning how to use it takes time and a considerable amount of application to maximise the benefit. Once you begin to feel comfortable with the interface we recommend that you establish funnels and goals to determine what your current user experience is like throughout your conversion path will help you to generate increased sales and enquires by making necessary improvements for a more refined and efficient website.

Google Analytics access can be provided to various stakeholders

Use of Google Analytics data can also be extended to other relevant stakeholders including departmental managers, potential investors and partners to offer a tangible measure of your business’ performance. You can set up separate profiles within your Google Analytics account to restrict the level of access for different Analytics users, whilst enabling them to still create and export reports and tables, ideal for regular internal and external reporting.

This is just a brief insight into what adding Google Analytics to your website can do for your business. If you would like to learn more, set up an account with Google Analytics today and commit time to learning the interface, or seek the assistance of experts – at we successfully use Google Analytics every day to determine for hundreds of Australian business websites how to improve their current performance and where their next stage of business growth may lie. Call us today on 1300 650 274 and discover how we can do the same for you!

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