How to use video in your SEO strategy

Around the middle of 2007, the search engines started to ubiquitously introduce universal search into the search results, which meant that rather than viewing the top search listings on the page, the user was drawn to something else…

Now, the user sees flashier, less uniform search listings that include images, news results and videos. How relevant is this to your SEO strategy? The fact is, that if searchers are clicking on these blended results, then it is critically relevant to your SEO strategy, because the next video a searcher clicks on, may lead them to your competitors’ website, rather than your own.

SEO and your business

So the manner in which to complement your traditional SEO strategy is by concurrently implementing video search engine optimisation (VSEO). This is the optimisation of any video asset to lift organic search engine rankings, thus increasing views of your video and creating a viral effect with your content.

Tips for VSEO

#1. Relevance – similar to traditional organic SEO , the greater the relevance of the video to the information that surrounds it (in the search results or the page on which it is listed), the better the organic search results will be.

#2. Keywords – the more targeted the keywords, the better. In VSEO, long tail results can be very effective in bringing up your video.

#3. Create interesting and useful content – as with maintaining the relevance and usefulness of your website, if you provide good content that will help the searcher, the search engines will reward this. Use relevant text around the video content as a boost to your video in order to increase rankings.

#4. Avoid video spamming – do not post your video to every single video-sharing site as this will not necessarily result in higher organic search results. This will have the same negative effect as duplicate content does in traditional SEO .

#5. Avoid irrelevant content – if your video is not relevant to the search query there will be a high percentage of video abandonment, akin to bounce rate on a website.

Key VSEO element to optimise on each video
Meta-tags: Optimise for keywords that are associated with your video in the meta-tags built into the code of the video and the page on which it rests

The contents of any page surrounding a video will be indexed to help determine relevancy, ensure effective keyword optimization

Unique URL: Each video should have its own URL to ensure all contextual and metadata indexing is as relevant as possible

By knowing your content and understanding potential viewers, you can determine the most appropriate format for your video

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