How to use Web Analytics for your SEO Strategy

One of the commonly expressed key advantages of online marketing is its measurability and it is for this very reason that web analytics tools should be used to track and measure the performance of your SEO strategy.

The returns on investment from measurement through web analytics can be significant, from receiving increased budgets from management through proof of performance to simply identifying the right metrics to improve the returns from your google SEO campaign.

Web analytics tools offer a range of metrics that can act as measures of established KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in determining the progress, effectiveness and performance of your SEO campaign.  These KPIs are quantifiable metrics that will clearly measure whether business goals have been met or not.

The benefits of ROI’s SEO Services

KPI reporting is individual to each business and the goals set in place are unique to who your visitors are and what they are looking for.  Below are a few examples of various KPI measures that represent only a very small cross-section of all potential measures.

Facilitating KPI Measurement

t is important to remember that some form of comparison is requirement to perform effective measurement against a benchmark. You cannot estimate the traffic increase or decrease to your website if there is no base to which to compare. Thus, it is important to set up web analytics in advance of the start of an SEO campaign, as you will then have a clear measure of the results that the SEO strategy has delivered.

Directly related to the above point is ensuring that any web analytics software has been correctly implemented so that no valuable data is permanently lost.

Building the SEO Strategy through Keyword Analysis

Web analytics will provide clear insight into the effectiveness of the keywords targeted in the SEO strategy. It will be possible to see exactly how many visitors these keywords may or may not be driving to the website.

What this immediately does is shed light on the accountability of the keyword recommendations that have been made, whether in-house or by an SEO agency.

Web analytics allow your business to tweak these keywords as required, growing the SEO targeted list according to those keywords showing high traffic potential as well as gathering keyword intelligence on those words that may not have been previously identified.

Keyword selection is one of the most important elements of an SEO strategy and being able to track keywords is one of the greatest benefits of web analytics software.

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