How to Write Content with Semantic Keywords

What are Semantic Keywords?

Semantics is basically how one person interprets a word. Invariably two people can differ on the exact meaning of a word. This leads to how individuals search for the same product or thing using different search terms. As an example i type in Google the word semantics and was prompted with different choices. This is a snapshot of how people browse for the same thing using different words.

Here we are going to guide you through a path to writing content that has authority and ranks across multiple search terms.semantic keywords

Copywriting Guide using Semantic Keywords.

Suppose you have chosen a topic for your next article or blog. You are building this article around a focus keyword or search phrase. When would a search engine robot deem this article to be spamming by the number of times you repeat the keyword or search term? A standard practice is about 1.5% for every 300 words. This equates to 4 – 5 keywords. This is where semantic keywords will help you fill your content without spamming but staying focussed to your main keyword or search phrase.
Search engines have become sophisticated and now collate antonyms and synonyms to index pages that are relevant to the search term. So if you are copywriting an article on real estate related semantic keywords could be – land, lot, allotment, parcel, tract, acre, acreage, house, home, residence and so on. Using keyword variations gives you blog to rank for many search terms and adds authority.

Checklist Top 5 Article Writing Tips.

  • 300 words minimum containing the focus keyword 4-5 times or 1.5%.
  • One x H1, H2, H3, H4
  • One x Internal link – related to the article
  • One x external link – could be wikipedia or a product brand manufacturer etc.. Something that relates to the article.
  • One x image with alt tag containing main search term.
Top 3 Free Semantic Keywords Tools.

1. The Thesaurus
2. Keyword Tool
3. Google Search – Type in any search term in Google then scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you will see “Searches related to Keyword Search”
google semantic keyword research tool

When copy writing for articles and blogs consider the search engine robots and how they piece together and index content. This is where semantic keywords will expand your search engine visibility.


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