Important Message – Google Changes Keyword Reporting in Analytics

As you may or may not be aware, over the last week Google has accelerated the percentage of keyword data that is displayed as “not provided” in Google Analytics. This means that very shortly everyone will not be able to use Google Analytics to see the amount of traffic being received for each keyword to your website.

Keyword traffic data is one of the most popular features of Google Analytics, so many people are disgruntled by this change.  As this change is not something we can influence, will be updating the way we communicate our SEO performance reporting to you.

We are pleased to inform you that will be providing the smartest and best SEO reporting and service available in the marketplace.  The reason we can quickly adapt is we have developed our own unique ranking and reporting technology. Plan for New Reporting:

1.  Ranking Reports – New & Localised

Google now provides different search engine rankings based on your location and where you search from in Australia. This means if you search for “removalists” in Melbourne, you will see very different results as opposed to someone who searches for “removalists” from Perth.

To meet this change, has recently invested in new reporting capability that enables us to generate individual ranking reports from the 8 capital cities across Australia.

This means you will receive the most accurate ranking reports available from the target markets which matter to you most. We expect our new localised ranking reports to be available in the next week. Your account manager will communicate this with you.


2. Traffic Reporting has always advocated the best way to measure SEO is to measure the amount of traffic to your most important web pages.

In the absence of keyword data, we will be generating new reports through Google Analytics which show you:

  • Overall traffic performance
  • Overall search engine traffic performance
  • Month on month improvement of traffic to your most important web pages

 3. Keyword Traffic Estimations

One of the unique features of reporting is we have always estimated the amount of search engine traffic available from certain ranking positions in Google.

In other words, if you are ranking position 3, you will receive approximately 8% of the search engine traffic for that keyword search.

We plan to adapt our reporting technology so we can provide you with an estimate of the amount of traffic you are receiving from certain keyword rankings in Google. This will be totally unique reporting only available from that will combine our rankings with traffic estimates provided by the Google Keyword Tool.

 We estimate this will be ready and available within the next month.


Next Steps:

Over the coming weeks we will keep you updated with the rollout of our new reporting.

We will continue to generate Analytics reports during this time, however please be aware there may be some delays in when you normally receive you reports as we introduce these new changes.

If you have any questions on these new changes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also welcome any feedback on better ways we can improve the level of reporting and service to you.

Kind Regards,
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