Important SEO Onsite Factors

Q. What are the most important onsite factors for SEO?

A. Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google but the benefits you will see from starting a SEO campaign for your website won’t be seen instantly. An effective SEO campaign is increasing the value of your business month on month and must always be seen as a work in progress.

The amount of time Google chooses  to leave between visiting and indexing your site depends on how much of an authority on your subject Google believes you are. This will also effect the number of pages and the depth of the crawl that Google will perform whilst visiting.

For example,¬† an older, larger site that works on updating unique, valued content will be visited more often by Google, as opposed to a site that is only a month old and does not yet have much to offer in the way of content or authority online. If you are not naturally skilled enough (or too busy!) to create your own content look into working with a professional content writer who has online marketing and Google optimisation experience to pick up this important item of your online campaign. This is one area you shouldn’t put on the back burner – consider also who you work with- in the area of professional content the lowest price is not going to be the best option – it’s important that you market your brand thoughtfully as you’ve only got a few precious seconds for a first impression before your readers are hitting that back button!

To help your site along, there are several important SEO onsite ranking factors that you can consider

Firstly, writing unique, well written content is of the utmost importance. The keywords you are targeting should be included in your content in a natural way, helping you to be seen as relevant for your market- but do not make the mistake of cramming your content with keywords.

Secondly, to keep Google revisiting your site and reassessing the ranking you are receiving for your targeted keywords, it is recommended that you update your website with new, fresh content every month or so. Many websites use news, articles and updates for this purpose- this also helps you to build a recurring visitor base as visitors will return to see what’s new.

Lastly, a well written page title, content structure, meta title and meta description that incorporate some of your keywords is also a great idea- work especially hard to create an eye catching meta title and description as these are displayed in Google’s search results and can be the difference between a user being inspired to click on your listing or deciding to click on a competitors listing further down the page (and ranking lower than your site!)

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