Turn your website into a sales machine

In 2015
your website needs to be treated as part of your sales team.

the new sales team

Your website should be measured by how many sales or sales leads it generates every month, rather than what you’re 10 friends think about its look and feel. Your sales team is measured by its results, activity, proposals, conversion rates and profitability of your deals.

Why should your website be any different?


Tip 1. // Website Performance Audit – Start & Commit to Measuring

Use Google Analytics to review your website performance compared to the last year in the following areas:

  • A) Compare unique visitors in 2013/ 2014
  • B) Compare traffic sources – direct, google paid, google organic, social
  • C) Compare mobile devices
  • D) Compare location
  • E) Compare number of people to your most important product pages
  • F) Compare number of people to your conversion pages – thank you, or contact us

Using a Google Analytrics tool like Dashboard can be very helpful in analysing these areas.

Tip 2. // Improve your website conversion rate

The average site only converts 3% of its traffic into sales opportunities. Your business can potentially grow by 33% by just improving your website performance by 1%.  Make website conversion a top priority this year. 


Improve your website conversion this year by knowing the keywords or type of audience which are converting, get more traffic from this source and invest in landing pages to improve your website conversion. 

Tip 3. // Invest in mobile website conversion

Everyone is using mobile devices to search the Internet in 2015. Your mobile traffic is going through the roof. Start treating mobile as a separate sales channel. Create mobile landing pages, support click to call conversion and you will start winning more business from customers ready to buy. We have created many mobile pages for our clients, a sample of these sites can be found on our mobile website page.


Now that you have decided what your conversion is, you can start to measure it by seeing how many visitors it takes before a conversion is triggered. This is known as your conversion rate. It is achieved by dividing the number of conversions by the number of visitors during a period of time.


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