Improve Site Content With The AdWords Keyword Tool

Use the AdWords Keyword Tool to increase your website traffic

Using a tool like Google AdWords can be overwhelming at the outset; there are so many functions and applications for the program that it’s easy to become lost and give up without harnessing its full potential. Find some information on some of the many tools and techniques available to you below to enhance your AdWords campaign (and increase sales!).

Curious as to whether your campaign is running at 100%?

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How Google AdWords Works

AdWords can be a valuable resource in making your website a top competitor for the traffic that exists online. Even better, AdWord can help you get the right traffic, meaning more revenue for you. The keyword tool is just one means of improving your keyword strategy and bringing more high-quality visitors to your site – get more of the right visitors by considering your best performing PPC keywords in your SEO campaign.

When an advertiser is setting out to get online customers, he will write ads using short sentences enhanced with the appropriate keywords. Then he chooses keywords that will “trigger” those ads to come up on pages that result in those keywords’ searches.

Therefore, when a user searches for something, say “nutrition supplements,” and that user is directed to a page by the search engine, that page will be accompanied by the ads that correspond with that same key phrase. The advertiser also bids for the ad, specifying how much he will pay for each click the ad receives.

How does the Keyword Tool Work?

With your AdWords account, you can use the keyword tool to input a keyword, and the program will give you statistics on the amount of competition for that keyword, the average cost per click (CPC) for ads with that keyword, and the keyword’s search volume.

This information will allow you to a variety of things. For one, you can replace keywords in your site’s content with higher-competition keywords that will get you better ads on your pages, which will result in more revenue for you.

Or you can find keywords in your content that have a low search volume and weed them out, replacing them with more frequently searched keywords. In addition, the keyword tool gives you popular variations on that keyword, and you can use this list to replace some of your more repetitive keywords with variations, which might move your site up in the search engine rankings.

Use the AdWords Keyword Tool to refine your Google Ad strategy

You can also use the keyword tool to rethink your entire ad strategy. If you are choosing keywords based on the theory that high CPC ads will bring you the most revenue, consider changing your keywords to get you ads that have a slightly lower CPC but whose keywords are more competitive. This may yield a higher profit for you in the long run, since there’s a good chance those more competitive keywords will produce ads that get clicked more often.

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