Improve your search engine rankings with these simple tips

The internet is a strange and mysterious place. Information in the form of words, images, and sounds float about in the ether; people feel liberated by the intangible space and say and do things they’d never do face-to-face. The constant connectivity availed by the internet is considered a blight on society to some, but to others, namely business owners, it offers innumerable opportunities for growth.  Online marketing is just one sector modern businesses must venture into to keep up with the demands of an instant gratification-driven society. One surefire way of getting your offerings in the sightlines of more potential customers is to improve search engine ranking for your site’s pages.

Companies looking to dive into marketing online need to do some general research about search engines and the internet, and there’s a lot of information to be found. Even if you already have an SEO campaign going, you may have come across this article looking for details on how to improve search engine rankings, and here you’ll find a few broad facts that should get you started on the right path to attaining search engine ranking nirvana.

SEO rankings and your website

Here are some basic tips that can improve any webpage’s search engine rankings:

  • Keywords, keywords, and more keywords. One of SEO’s fundamental building blocks is keyword usage. And when I say keywords, I mean good keywords. Don’t think you can just slap a few words on your webpage that you think might relate to what you’re selling and call it a day. Search engines have precise algorithms to calculate the number of keywords on a webpage, their relevance to the user query, and many other factors you need to be aware of. Sites like SEOmoz have great articles about search engine algorithms you’ll find very helpful in your quest for online marketing domination.
  • Find a happy medium. What’s more important? Designing your website for humans, or for spiders? OK sorry, that was a trick question; neither is more important than the other. Although some may disagree, this is my take on the subject: Spiders find your site and get visitors there, humans read your site and buy whatever it is you’re offering. In order to achieve great results with your SEO campaign, you can’t afford to ignore either one. You must find that balance between spiders and humans, or your efforts will all be wasted.
  • To each its own. Many novice SEOs make the mistake of optimising an entire site without paying special attention to each page. The truth is, an entire site that uses the same keywords for each page isn’t optimised at all. Each page has different content, images, and purpose, so should have its own SEO apart from the site as a whole.
  • Be one of the popular kids. The more popular your site is, the higher it will be in the search engine rankings. This isn’t an endorsement for buying links or doing anything that would be considered blackhat SEO. Instead, find high-ranking and reputable sites willing to exchange links. Even better, find sites that are willing to link to your pages without any reciprocal linking. Often, writing a great article with content relevant to the site you’re trying to solicit and that links back to your webpage will do.

So, there it is, a jumping-off point for all your research on search engines and the internet. Go forth and conquer the search engine rankings!

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