Improving Google Rankings

How to improve your Google SEO rankings

Achieving top SEO rankings in Google and other search engines is the key to a sustainable and cost-effective search engine marketing strategy. We tend to focus our efforts on Google as it wins substantially more traffic than the likes of Bing and Yahoo. It is the sensible approach – as is focusing the majority of your online marketing efforts on organic search results over paid-search results such as AdWords. Organic search wins more traffic, better traffic and importantly it’s free!

Ranking on the first page of Google brings significantly better results in search engine traffic and the more traffic you can generate for free through Google’s organic search, the less money you have to spend on AdWords campaigns and traditional offline customer acquisition techniques.

If your site is ranking on the second, third, fourth or fifth page in Google and you want to improve your organic SEO ranking there are a number of ways of doing so. Patience is vital however as it is not easy to knock high-performing competing websites off their top ranks – after all, they have gained those high rankings and maintained them through consistent hard work and if they are as serious about SEO and internet marketing as you are, your competitors are unlikely to give them up without a fight.

Improve your SEO rankings by growing your online profile

One way you can improve your Google SEO rankings is to produce relevant, regular content updates on your site – information that visitors will find interesting or useful. If visitors keep coming back, Google will see you as something of an authority in your industry, which should make ranking well a little easier.

Analyse your Google Analytics data to see how to improve your rankings

Google Analytics produces a sea of valuable data for website owners. It’s a free tool and everyone who owns a website should use it. It will tell you what people search to get to your site and that can identify opportunities on site improvements that will lead to improved SEO rankings.

External Links Can Improve Your SEO rankings

Submit your site to relevant industry directories and source as many relevant external links as possible to your site – the more visible your site becomes for your industry or market niche, the more likely you are to improve your SEO rank for relevant search terms.

Optimise internal pages and to seize on potential long-tail ranking improvements

Too many businesses optimise content their homepage and think that is all they need to do for SEO purposes. Optimising internal product and service pages can throw up quick rankings for long-tail, product- or service-specific niche markets, which can have a knock on effect of improving how Google views other relevant search terms you are trying to rank well for.

There are numerous other ways to improve how your site ranks in Google searches. To maintain a successful strategy you need a consistent approach and patience. You also need to keep in touch with industry developments, like changes to the Google search algorithms, which can be quite frequent.

Mastering SEO won’t happen overnight – but the fastest way to success is to piggyback on the years of experience and industry expertise of the specialists at We have helped hundreds of Australian businesses to achieve, maintain and improve rankings across the most competitive SEO keywords for scores of industries. Providing comprehensive digital marketing with SEO services, web design and copywriting, talk to the experts at – we put your business first!

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