5 tips to Better Quality Sales Leads in 2014

is the year for your business to focus on improving the quality of your sales leads.


Better quality sales leads are proven to deliver:

Improved sales results
Lower sales & marketing costs
More profitable customers
Less operational pressures

The benefits are clear, so it surprises me how few business owners focus on increasing the number of quality leads generated through their website every month. Quantity does not necessarily equal more quality.

Our experience at roi.com.au illustrates there are 5 road blocks to improving the sales lead quality in your business.

  • 1) Human nature is we naturally think busy equals effective
  • 2) It is not possible…this level of control was never available with traditional advertising,
  • 3) Better quality customers means expensive sales & marketing costs… not the case
  • 4) The sales team are not an integrated into your digital marketing
  • 5) The data is difficult to find and manage

Below we provide 5 simple steps to overcome these obstacles and get your business to focus on where the money and profit should be in your business.  The good news is many of these steps you can act on quickly and implement within February.

5 Steps to Improve Sales Lead Quality

blog step1 5 tips to Better Quality Sales Leads in 2014Define Quality Nothing complicated…  consider factors such as the product or service where you make the best net margin,  the customers where you enjoy the highest sales conversion rate,  the importance of where customers are located or hot trending products/services. Don’t confuse quality as those customers which spend the most… as profit should be the main driver.

blog step2 5 tips to Better Quality Sales Leads in 2014Measure quality sales leads Treat quality sales leads differently and measure these enquiries into a different sales pipeline. Simple ways you can achieve this is mark these leads as quality, spend more time and resource on these opportunities.. every month calculate what % of your revenue was generated from the quality sales leads pipeline.

blog step3 5 tips to Better Quality Sales Leads in 2014Discover how quality leads search The team at roi.com.au has some unique methods of unlocking the quality keywords, and how these prospects navigate your website.  We can analyse your historical website data and provide suggestions as to quality keywords for you to target.  Once you have identified these keywords or target market segments, we suggest you set up separate digital marketing approaches to each segment to yield the best outcome.

blog step5 5 tips to Better Quality Sales Leads in 2014Find out why Quality prospects buy from you Many businesses just assume it was because of their location or they had the cheapest price. Our experience shows this is rarely the case. Start digging some more.. have your sales team provide more feedback on why certain customers bought from you… what underlying problem or situation did you help them with.  Clarify the benefits you offer rather than a product features approach.

blog step4 5 tips to Better Quality Sales Leads in 2014Develop a cut through value proposition this sounds much harder than it is. You have already created a point of difference by treating these sales leads and prospects differently. This gives the ability to tailor your marketing message to a specific audience, plus websites can be updated easily so you can test multiple ideas cost effectively. Create some new landing pages, measure the results, refine and then refine again.  Be patient the rewards are worth the effort.

We hope you found the above tips helpful in driving better quality sales leads and outcomes for your business.  Take advantage of our FREE “show me the quality” report where our team will do our best to unlock the most valuable keywords for your business.

Wishing your business every success in 2014


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