Increase Search Engine Traffic

Increase Search Engine Traffic

Following on from’s series of beginners articles on the basics of understanding search engine traffic, today we focus on how to increase search engine traffic to your website.

How to Increase Traffic from Search Engines such as Google

Increasing search engine (Google) traffic is a cost-effective means of increasing awareness of your brand but what you really want is more sales leads or even sales if you have an E- Commerce site. Essentially the goal should be to increase qualified traffic from Google and other search engines – not just increased traffic numbers.

Qualified search engine traffic is visitors that want to buy the product or service you offer or a similar alternative – they are the sales leads. To make a comparison to physical shopping, you expect a store called ‘Melbourne Hat Store’ to sell hats and related products, you don’t expect to walk through the doors of the shop and see washing machines and toasters for sale, or see a newspaper or TV advertisement stating: ‘Melbourne Hat Store – great discounts on electrical appliances’!

The internet and your website work much the same way. If you sell hats, everything about your website should say so and if you only sell hats in Victoria target your Search Engine Optimisation service to Melbourne. This is the most fundamental element of search engine optimisation you need to get right – your site’s meta tags, title tags and ALT tags (for on-page images) and URL’s should all talk about the fact that you sell hats and the location from where you sell them.

Similarly, if you only sell a specific type of hat – say for instance Akubras, then that needs to be the focus of your tags and URL’s. If you sell all types of hats, then you need to make referenceto that fact and create different pages for each hat style with its own URL, meta and title tags.

Examine Existing Search Engine Traffic through Google Analytics

By now, you should be familiar with Google Analytics to some extent. On the Google Analytics dashboard you can see exactly where site traffic is coming from. Direct trafficcomes from people that know your business and know that your website is – they type that into the address bar to land at your site.The search engine traffic is broken down into the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and also into paid-search and organic search traffic. The ideal scenario is to have the vast majority of your traffic coming from organic search results. Organic results can be freely generated and tend to produce better qualified traffic than paid-for search results such as AdWords.

Increasing Search Engine (Google) Traffic

To increase search engine traffic to your site, you can either invest more in pay-per-click campaigns or implement a search engine optimisation strategy which includes constant review of your site’s traffic performance.

If your analytics account is showing very low numbers for search engine traffic (compared to direct) or even ‘0’ (zero) figures – it may be that you need to submit your site to Google and the other search engines. In most cases this will not be a problem but it’s worth checking if numbers are low.

Asking satisfied customers to write reviews or testimonials on your Google Places listing can also increase your profile in Google’s eyes and it may be worthwhile considering an offer or reward for customers who submit reviews as they will positively impact on your website.

We continually talk about the value inbound links bring to your site – the more in-bound linksyou can get from quality, authoritative websites, the better chance your site has of being noticed. With links in mind, and with your customers and Google in mind, content is extremely valuable to improving your search engine rankings. Keyword-rich content that is interesting and informative brings repeat visitors to your site and along with relevant keywords improves your search engine rankings, which in turn leads to more traffic.

It is important to remember too that when you achieve top rankings on the first page of Google the effort to get there must be maintained if you are to remain at the top. The process of search engine optimisation never finishes and with the value web traffic delivers to your business it would be foolish not to maintain your efforts to keep great rankings and increased search engine traffic.

To get help increasing Google traffic from recognised search engine marketing and optimisation experts, choose the company that has helped hundreds of Australian businesses to grow – know how to put your business first!

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