Increasing Web Traffic

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Following on from our recent article on how your website can impact on overall business performance, are offering further advice on how to go about increasing website traffic, which will positively affect your business.

As we noted in our previous article, Australia has been at the forefront of online purchasing in 2010 while over 9.5 million Australians are registered users of Facebook – that’s 42% of the total population! Aussies love the web and year after year more of us are turning to the web to buy clothing, electronics, concert tickets; to locate the best restaurants and holiday locations; to book flights; for social interaction; for directions, traffic updates and much more besides.

So as a business owner, it makes sense to try to tap into the vast amount of Australian web traffic in an effort to increase sales and ultimately profits. But how?

Increasing web traffic requires a consistent approach

If you are wondering about how to increase traffic, we can assume that you have a website. How much traffic do you currently get? Do you know? If not, a Google Analytics account is the first step to increased web traffic. Google Analytics is a FREE tool from Google which allows you to monitor and evaluate traffic to your website down to the finest detail – even at its most basic level Google Analytics will tell you how many visitors your site gets, how many pages are viewed by each visitor, how long they stayed and when they left your site. This information alone provides a valuable swag of data that enables you to improve and refine your website (or specific pages) to appeal to your two key audiences – your target market and Google.

A website that appeals to Google will get increased traffic

Getting Google to notice your site and index it on a regular basis is an excellent means of increasing website traffic. A well-maintained SEO strategy will improve traffic to your website in the long term. This involves securing strong external links to your site (link from other relevant sites) and writing fresh and relevant keyword-rich web content that will help Google to associate your site with search terms inputted by human searchers. The more relevant your site becomes for searchers, the greater chance you have of ranking highly on the first page in Google – where most web traffic goes.

Investing in a Google AdWords campaign is a good way of generating immediate traffic for your website but if not well maintained, it can prove very costly. It is not the ideal solution long-term however as you pay for each visit to your website, so increased traffic will increase costs, which is the opposite of what happens with search engine optimisation (SEO).

Having an easy-to-use and interesting website will see traffic increase

Appearance, relevance and usability are priorities for most web visitors the vast majority of website visitors. There is little point directing the wrong traffic to your site as numbers alone mean nothing in terms of visitors. You need qualified visitors – people who actively want what it is you are selling. They are already in buying mode or preparing to buy so getting them to your website at least gives you a chance of increasing sales. If your SEO strategy is performing, qualified traffic will find your website – then it’s up to you to impress them.

A user-friendly site containing engaging and relevant information is the best way to do this. Instead of bombarding your sites visitors with sales pitches, inform them – give them information that makes their decision making process easier. If you build trust with website visitors, much like in person, they are more likely to return and ultimately buy from you. This gradual increase in the popularity of your site is noticed by Google, who then give your website greater relevance when determining rankings and thus creating a cyclical effect or more traffic and even more visitors.

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