Infographics as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

The marketing tool that sets your message apart from the rest

Information graphics, commonly referred to as ‘infographics’, are visual representations of data or information created to present complex information quickly and clearly. Making waves in the online world, infographics have revolutionised the way content is displayed and presented to us.

Humans are visual creatures, as shown by B2B Infographics:

  • 90% of data transmitted to the brain is visual
  • Visuals account for 20% of what users read
  • People respond 40% better to visual information
  • Visuals are processed 60k times faster than text!

Below is an example of how the same information can be conveyed through purely written content as well as infographics. Which one do you think is easier to digest?

marketing tools infographic


There are several key online marketing tools that are trending amongst marketers at the moment. Nearly 50% of companies report usage of content marketing strategies.  With the prowess of social media ever growing, marketing budgets are forecasted to double over the next five years. This goes hand in hand with emails effectively using social sharing buttons to increase their click through rates by 158%. On the other hand, 72% of PPC specialists are planning to increase their budgets in 2014. 

Why you can’t get rid of written content altogether?

It makes sense for data and information to be presented in a way that is visually digestible. But where does that leave traditional content? You know what we’re talking about, those big chunks of endless text that you have to painstakingly sift through just to find the exact information you’re after. Traditional content, when relevant to the website user, still has its benefits:


How do I create my own infographics?

Never fear, for there are many user-friendly online tools for those who aren’t too savvy with the somewhat intimidating Adobe Creative Suite.

Here are some quick, simple tips to help you master the art of creating effective and engaging infographics:

  • Don’t clutter your infographic with too much text as it will defeat the purpose
  • Balance the use of images in order to avoid creating too much information for the reader to process
  • Use images that are humanly recognisable, this helps with information retention
  • Use simple, block colours that are easy for visual digestion without distracting the user from the main content or message
  • Make sure your image is the main focus, with your content playing a supportive role
  • Discreetly put your business name or URL on your infographic for brand awareness, so people will know where it came from once it’s shared

How Can Infographics Benefit My Business?

Infographics can be particularly beneficial to businesses who offer a complex product or service. It can help to simplify the explanation and visually describe the process. You know your product inside out and how it works but don’t assume your consumer will- using infographics to explain step by step will help reduce confusion and will give the customer confidence in approaching you to discuss further.

Start exploring the possibilities of infographics today!

The world of digital marketing stops for no one and will continue to evolve at a rapid pace as new technological advances come into play. With mobile usage destined to overtake desktop marketing communication and more traditional means, you’ll witness old school marketing strategies and trends fall off the map as new, smarter tactics appear.

With the use of infographics you’ll be able to engage your audience quickly with visually appealing, useful information that is more likely to be retained. To speak with a website design specialist who can tell you more about the endless possibilities of infographics, contact today!


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