Internet advertising: A brave new world

Traditional advertising is a multibillion dollar industry that takes into account the spending habits of consumers around the globe. However, advertising eats up huge amounts of a company’s budget, and often that money is wasted on unpredictable results. Take the television commercial as an example. When a company spends money to advertise on TV, they take the chance that:

1) their ad for a children’s toy will be seen by a teenager, or

2) their ad will not be seen at all, because no one likes to sit through commercials anymore, so their intended audience has left the couch to microwave their dinner during that company’s very expensive ad time.

No company can afford to continue flushing money down the proverbial toilet, and with advances in marketing available to anyone with an internet connection, wasteful spending on traditional marketing doesn’t need to carry on. Online marketing is currently enjoying an explosion in popularity as more and more companies come to realize the benefits of unlimited ad space and results that can actually be measured in actions taken by the consumer.

Internet advertising is a much more targeted approach that allows a business to measure the success of their marketing campaign. Rather than blasting ads out into the ether and hoping that the target audience sees them, a company can pay for online ads that allow them to reach out directly to the consumer, and let the customer come to them; with pay-per-click advertising, the customer only sees an ad if he wants to.

Pay-per-click advertising is probably the most well-know form of online marketing, since it has been taken up by the biggest names in the industry like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. But the trend is growing as more and more companies see the advantages. Some famous brands like Coca-cola are increasing brand awareness through web-based applications such as video games, reaching a whole new generation of consumers through subliminal messaging. Online coupons are also starting to see success, with companies paying on a per-print basis, rather than sending out millions of coupons to people every week, only to have them thrown straight into the trash.

Internet advertising has unlimited potential for growth; after all, the space is digital, not physical, so there are no bounds to the amount of webpages companies can make to cater to their brands. Any savvy company looking to get more for their advertising buck would be best served by a solid internet marketing campaign.


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