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Anytime there is an opportunity for a new business, there is also a proliferation of scammers willing to take advantage of the buzz surrounding that niche. Unfortunately, SEO is no different. For every honest SEO company trying to provide services to other companies wishing to improve their online presence, there is a con artist waiting in the wings to take your money but deliver nothing of value to your business. SEO and online marketing services can yield a huge return on investment if you do your research and educate yourself about what you are spending your money on, but it can also be a huge disaster if you base your decision solely on who makes the loftiest promises.

Like I’ve mentioned, there are plenty of SEO companies around that supply high quality search engine services, and they will be an important part of your quest to create a website that adds value to your company. For example, SEOmoz is an extremely well-respected company that provides top notch search engine marketing services . However, some may balk at the price of these services, and say to themselves, I saw an advertisement for a company saying they could do very similar things for me, at a much lower price. Maybe I should just go through them.

Search Engine Listings and Traffic Benefits from SEO

This mindset is a mistake for two reasons. First, SEO is no different from any other business; generally speaking, you get what you pay for. Second, price should definitely not be your first concern when it comes to SEO, because choosing the wrong online marketing company simply because they boasted the lowest rates may irreparably damage your website’s search engine rankings. I’m not advocating blowing your entire marketing budget on your SEO, but I am saying you shouldn’t base your decision on price alone.

So, what’s the best way to choose a company who will provide you with quality search engine services? This question may be best answered by providing a list of qualities you DON’T want in an SEO. Here is a brief list of things to look out for when searching for online marketing services, and to stay far away from:

  • Firms that promise multiple search engine submissions. These don’t have any positive effect on your search engine rankings.
  • Too much attention paid to keywords. While they are important, they are not the only thing to be worried about.
  • Any type of implication they might use black hat tactics such as hidden text, cloaking, or buying links.
  • Promises that your site will reach the #1 spot on any search engine – this is impossible to predict, since no one outside of any search engine company knows the algorithms that determine rankings.

These are just a few items, but they are of great consequence. Do not be taken in by companies who promise the world; they all too often are incapable of delivering, and even worse, may end up hurting your company’s chances at improved search engine traffic.

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