Is search engine submission necessary

How do you submit your site to Google and other search engines?

Submitting your site to Google, Yahoo and Bing is an important step in the development of your overall online strategy. Generally speaking, the major search engine crawlers, such as Googlebot, are powerful enough and comprehensive enough in their searches to find most websites. However, if your site is not appearing on Google or other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, you should consider a search engine submission – its easy to submit your site for their consideration by manually inputting your homepage URL (site address such as

There is no guarantee that your submission will be accepted by the search engines but this usually relates to legal requirements and terms of use issues so unless you are planning illicit web activity or have an out-dated, unrecognizable site you should have no problems.

With Google and Bing search engines, site submission is a straight-forward process whereby you just enter your URL in the relevant field. Google search: “search engine site submission” to find the relevant page.

Yahoo’s process for site submission is a little more complex. Sites are categorised according to Yahoo’s policy of keeping their directory simple and easy-to-use. With that in mind you must find the relevant category of your site and supply information about your site in order for it to be considered.

The majority of sites are picked up automatically by search engines, rendering Yahoo, Bing or Google site submission unnecessary.

In the vast majority of circumstances. Usually sites listed on Google and the other leading search engines are not submitted manually but it is worthwhile checking the status of your indexation as the sooner your site is indexed by the search engines, the sooner your search engine marketing campaign can kick into gear and get your website ranking for the relevant search terms.

There are a number of factors which may inhibit your site from being indexed by Google, including the following:

  1. The site doesn’t have many external links from authoritative sites which Google crawls on a regular basis. External link building can take time to organise, but it’s a necessary part of improving your sites visibility and relevance for Google and internet searchers.
  2. The layout of your site is complex and Google can’t crawl it effectively. A strong sitemap can overcome this problem and allow Google to index with ease.
  3. The site was launched since Google’s last crawl or was temporarily unavailable during the last crawl. The only ways to overcome this are to manually submit your site or simply wait. We recommend manual submission.

Google offers guidelines on what makes a crawl-friendly website, which if applied correctly can help your site get indexed faster. Google’sWebmaster Tools is also a great means of examining your site for errors which may be hampering Google’s crawl attempts.

Search Engine Site Submission is just the start!

A Google site submission is only the first step in getting web traffic, from which you can generate sales leads and ultimately generate a continuous revenue stream. Simply submitting your site to the search engines won’t be sufficient to see a return on your investment.

A comprehensive Google optimisation strategy involves building recognition of your website through relevant external links and fresh, compelling website content that will attract the attention of Google and human searchers, creating a cyclical effect which in turn improves your rankings. To find out more about Australian SEO and how a strong online presence can help your business; read through the SEO results we’ve recently achieved in your area and contact today!

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