Is top search engine placement really possible?

Getting Top Search Engine Placement Through SEO

Top search engine placements, primarily in Google, are prime objectives for businesses right around the world. Australia is no different and getting a top Google placement for the most sought after search terms is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more businesses identify the growth opportunities presented by search engine marketing.

Whether you manage your SEO campaign independently or with the assistance of a recognised SEO professional, the objective remains the same – to be first on Google, or if not first, at least be in a better position to compete for first place in the not too distant future.

The myth of search engine placement ranking guarantees

Nobody can guarantee you a specific rank or search engine results page placement. There are too many variables beyond the control of the search engine marketing company or SEO specialist. However a sustained effort over the medium to long term will deliver improved ranking results. Depending on the competitive nature of your industry, securing top placement may take longer – you may be trying to outrank a company that has invested in SEO for the past number of years.

There is no guarantee of toppling companies from high ranking positions but no company successfully ranks at number one for every search term relevant to their business. The opportunity comes in understanding your target market and ensuring that you are well positioned to rank highly for the terms most relevant to your business.

For instance, is your business offering ‘cheap products’ or ‘luxury products’; are your products or services limited to specific regions or time periods – eg ‘services in Melbourne’, ‘summer accommodation in Sydney’. Be honest and objective in assessing what your business is really about – too many businesses fail to grow as a direct result of being all things to all men. Trying to market your business as the ‘best, cheapest, fastest, top of the range and most luxurious’ sends conflicting messages which leaves customers skeptical.

Small ranking placement wins are important as part of an overall strategy

Devising a winning SEO strategy involves securing consistent small wins in rankings across such ‘long-tail’ keyword variations. Top placement for the top keywords is a far more difficult battle and putting all your eggs in that basket is a very risky approach to search engine placement. It’s better to target individual areas you actually serve or delivery to such as Sydney targeted SEO, or Brisbane and Melbourne SEO plans.

The most important thing to remember in your SEO strategy is making your website visible to the right people, present in a relevant and easy-to-use way to that audience. Fresh content and a visually impressive, up-to-date website are the starting points. Inbound links will also help your site become more visible while an up-to-date, comprehensive sitemap will ensure Google crawls your entire site.

The quality of links is important, if you can get links from .gov or .edu domains, you are on a winner as these are seen as the most authoritative in Google’s eyes but securing such a link is easier said than done.

The objective of your strategy should be continuous improvement rather than a specific end result. Increasing traffic to a website takes time and continuous effort and small ‘long-tail’ keyword wins are a great way of improving the overall relevance and authority of your site. If you are securing regularly high Google placement for ‘long tail’ variations of keywords, the likelihood of high search engine placement for the most competitive search terms will improve.

Get top search engine placement with deliver consistent, positive placement in Google for businesses throughout Australia. If you would like to give your business the best opportunity to consistently rank at the top end of the first page of Google, call us today on 1300 650 274.

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