Is your content backing up your SEO strategy?

Imagine you’re in a bookstore, and you see a huge stack of copies of the same book sitting on a table. The book has a captivating title, beautiful cover art, and looks like precisely the thing you’ve been searching for; it would make for the perfect diversion for your upcoming vacation.

You pick up one of the books, open it eagerly, anticipating the thrill of reading the perfect first paragraph…and its pages are full of gibberish and Mother Goose rhymes. How infuriated would you be? Would you buy that book? That’s kind of how people feel when they go to a webpage looking for something specific, and all the content on that page reads like rubbish. Flawlessly researched keywords and high ranking in the search engines are the book title, the cover art that draws people in: The content is what keeps them there, what converts them to a sale.

What does Google rankings and SEO mean for my business?

When you are putting together your SEO strategy, consider putting in the time and effort to write interesting body copy that will keep your visitors around for long enough to do whatever it is you’re trying to get them to do, whether it’s buy something, sign up for something, or read something. There is absolutely no use in researching the best keywords and paying for the best marketing, only to have visitors to your site put off in two seconds or less by terrible content.

The key to a well-balanced SEO strategy is one that incorporated keywords—at a sane percentage, mind you, not one that gets your site blacklisted as spam by the spiders—into content that is readable, informative, and relevant to your website. Ideally, this content would also be updated daily, giving the spiders a lot of new subject matter to crawl during search engine updates.

So the question is, “How important is content for SEO?” And the answer? Very. SEO involves a complicated combination of many factors, and one of those is whether or not visitors to your site actually stay around once they find you. If your content is so atrocious that it’s driving people away, your SEO is not performing as well as it could be. Adjust your content to reflect the level of quality you want your visitors to see when they come to your site, and your marketing expenses will pay off in a big way.

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