Is your marketing strategy internet ready?

Is your marketing strategy internet ready?
Web enabling Marketing

As the popularity of the Internet continues to overtake other customer facing media, businesses are increasingly enabling their web marketing strategies. The drive to be Internet savvy is increasingly coming from customers as businesses, irrespective of size, need to be agile and adaptive to fully capitalise on emerging opportunities. The Internet is also proving to be a very cost effective mode of brand promotion, where expertise and consistency seem to triumph over sheer size. The Internet is in many cases, the chosen branding vehicle thanks to its ability to close sales transactions, while helping strategists with valuable analytics to track consumer behaviour. So a marketing strategy that effectively leverages the power of the Internet achieves distinctive brand positioning and customers’ need fulfillment with unique ‘ease of use’ functionalities. It also adds intelligence to the overall buying process by consistently tracking the purchasing behaviour for improving product packaging and service fulfillment processes.

Getting Internet Ready

There is no single Internet marketing task that acts like a magic wand for obtaining fantastic results immediately. Weeks of well researched and brainstormed Internet business initiatives show that many web marketing tasks when deployed in-sync with each other collectively boost returns. Key Internet marketing and customer services tasks call for increased time consistency, better quality, customer focused innovations and high standards of business ethics (as search engines have specialised tools to detect fake efforts). As the Internet evolves and adds many smart web based marketing initiatives, here are the most important ones that should be harnessed at their optimum levels:

Pay-per-click Advertising – Search engines like Yahoo and Google offer pay-per-click advertising (or crisp written product /service advertisements) for getting the brand message in front of the targeted market segment. With a high visibility rate and customer exposure, this method is highly popular and offers one of the fastest returns on Internet marketing initiatives. Pay-per-click advertising minimises your risk as you only pay a fee, based on the competitiveness of a keyword or advertising title, when your link is clicked on the search page.

Banner Advertisements – Online banner advertisements have transformed the advertising landscape. Thanks to the liberal use of animated and flash visuals, they appeal to many markets. Internet marketers buy a specified number of impressions on online advertisements. These could be site specific or be spread across the web’s many online web-networks.

Email Marketing – Requiring minimal investments, effective e-mailing marketing is a successful and proactive means of meeting customer needs. E-mail marketing can also be used to promote your affiliates and other business partners. However, you should know CAN-SPAM requirements and contact details of those the web user may want to reach.

Search Engine Marketing – We all want our website(s) to become the destination of choice for our target audience. For this to happen we need to invest in the latest search engine optimisation techniques (ideally outsourced) to ensure that the website achieves higher search engine page ranking.

Blog Marketing – Blogs and other web forums are web properties where people bound by similar interests gather and chat. So if you want to be heard and seen at such web gatherings you need to intelligently post details of your products/services and even handle customer complaints (if any). As you mention your website to numerous bloggers, they generally click to explore your site. These links also contribute to higher page rankings. Blogs can also be used for product management as you gather what more (or less) features will address customers’ pain points.

Article Marketing – To be seen as an expert in your field and also for popularising your products and services, article publishing is amongst the best forms of Internet marketing. You can post articles on your own website, on specialised article portals and even e-mail them to a mailing list.


Integrated Marketing Works

While offline marketing benefits cannot be denied, an integrated marketing approach that leverages synergies of online marketing is becoming a ‘must have’ if you are serious about running a successful enterprise, whether a small business to a corporate giant. You should use all Internet marketing tactics in a prioritised manner to get better returns on your marketing investments. As the Internet is throwing up new challenges for the seller as well as the buyer of goods and services, hiring an online professional services firm can be very beneficial. The external experts bring a wealth of experience to your business’ online strategy.

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