Is Your Search Engine Optimisation Accountable For KPIs?

Even though your Search engine optimisation firm may be driving large amounts of traffic to your website, this is only the first measure of success. Traffic is important, but what is even more pertinent is that this traffic be relevant so that the searchers landing on your site may do what your business would like them to do on the website, whether this be making a purchase, signing up, downloading something, requesting customer support, picking up the phone and calling you, or whatever the desired conversion is.

So, before you can measure data, you need to know what to measure and ensure that you are measuring the right things. There is so much data available today, that you need to focus your efforts on the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that matter most to your business.

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Each of these KPIs should tie directly to a strategic objective that your business would like to achieve, such as revenue, growth, profitability etc.

Not every business is going to have the same KPIs because logically, each business will have its own business objectives. So as an added measure of success of the search engine optimisation program, below is a list of some of the KPIs that your business could be measuring depending on the type of website to which traffic is being driven.

E-commerce Sites – the common objective of e-commerce sites is to drive visitors to purchase products or services online. These sites want searchers to be spending money and that is exactly what they measure.
Typical KPIs will include:

– Revenue
– Orders
– Average order value
– Profit

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