Key Digital Trends in 2012

As we approach the end of 2012 the team at reflected on the key digital trends that have been impacting our client base and provide some timely advice on how your business can position itself for online success in 2013.

Customers are more informed than ever, they are spending more time online to research future purchases. This means online competition is constantly increasing and your value proposition needs to be sharper than ever to win market share.

 Most industries have experience limited or modest growth, so businesses are relying on smarter and more targeted online marketing strategies to grow their revenues.

 1.     Panda, Penguins and other Google Updates

Google has been very active in changing the way it ranks websites in 2012. We have seen 12 Panda and 3 Penguin updates which caused many poor quality websites to lose their rankings.

Google Algorithm updates: Panda & Penguin

These algorithm updates have targeted manipulative linking strategies and sites with poor content only produced to achieve high search engine rankings.

 The rankings and traffic of the client base have continued to improve which further validates our long term and sustainable philosophy when it comes to successful SEO.

 What does this mean for you in 2013?

 The cornerstone of your SEO strategy needs to be based on site architecture and traditional customer segmentation.  Your site architecture supports your keyword strategy, and quality content with strong user engagement are critical success factors to stay ahead of your online market.

 2.     The Exponential Growth of Mobile

 The rapid adoption of smart phones by Australians, coupled with a faster web browsing experience via mobile have been the catalyst behind a 164% increase in mobile website traffic compared to 2011.

Google has been a major beneficiary of mobile search with over 2.5 billion in annual revenue attributable to mobile advertising. Mobile search will also affect many Australian businesses with 1 in 7 searches now sent from a mobile device.

 What does this mean for you in 2013?

 The need for a mobile friendly website has never been greater, otherwise you risk a poor mobile web browsing.  Mobile Adwords campaigns are also proving to be extremely effective, plus you can easily measure the number of calls generated from your campaign.

 There is a unique window of opportunity in Australia to dominate Google Adwords on mobile devices, at very affordable rates, before your competition wakes up.

 We recommend that you request a report and mobile website review via the form on the right of this page to find out how your business can benefit from a sharper mobile strategy.

 3.     The rapid growth of online retail

 There has been lots of doom and gloom in the newspaper about the challenges being faced by traditional retailers. Whereas the facts are that Australians are spending more than ever… just differently. The growth in spending is online with 16 billion in online sales forecast and 16% increase on the previous year.

Woman purchasing online

 Last week at the Deloitte Fast Tech Company Awards two online retailers took the awards for fastest growth businesses, Brands Exclusive and Style Tread.  These results validate that Australians are spending more than ever on clothes and shoes online as the previous obstacles of fast delivery and product exchange have been well and truly overcome by online retail.

 What does this mean for you in 2013?

 If you think there is scope in your business to sell your products online now is a good time to challenge your current sales model. Setting up an online store is more affordable and scalable than ever before.

 Customers have the confidence to purchase goods online and your online strategy needs to be back up with an easy, secure online shopping experience coupled with a strong offer, competitive pricing and great service.

 Online commerce does not have to be all or nothing. Successful businesses are offering their customers multiple channels to purchase. This means  that your website can still be used to drive phone calls or more foot traffic into your store.  For more complex or high involvement purchases customers still want to speak to humans to feel comfortable with their purchase.

 Did we miss any trends that you saw?

 Let us know, is always looking to learn from our customers challenges and experiences. If you would like more information about any new trends or technologies simply reply to this email and we will do our best to include in our next newsletter.



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