Keyword Optimisation: Get your Company a Google Top 10 Ranking in Australia

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YES! Keywords can make all the difference to your website traffic & conversion in Australia!

Whether big or small, companies all over Australia are constantly trying to find the best and fastest way to get their website on the Top 10 pages within Google Search.

This means that the Search Engine Optimization behind-the-scenes work that goes into researching, choosing and finally, implementing keywords are fundamental to the success of a business website when it comes to executing a paid search or PPC campaign.

It is also a key element to a websites’ natural or organic ranking on search engine pages, like Google.

In order to select quality keywords, and not just fluff around with random semi-relatable keywords which don’t get searched by consumers in the first place, it is vital to understand your client’s business and their core unique selling points (USP).

These will be keyword gold. Why? Simple. You will be one step closer to understanding the purpose and motivation of the audience you are trying to reach!

Keyword gold

To help you get started on this keyword optimisation process, it can be useful to devise a Keyword Strategy Flowchart which will help you in gain momentum in forming strategy guidelines.

There are also many websites and keyword tools devoted to SEO Keyword Website Optimisation, which offer insightful hints on best practise and up-to-date technology.


See below for 3 of the most recent quality keyword research optimization tools, including:

  • Bing Ad Intelligence– An extension for Microsoft Excel, this cool keyword tool can directly output keyword research data into your Excel spreadsheet! Bing also offers an online keyword toolset.
  • Uber Suggest– With this free keyword tool you can instantly get thousands of keyword ideas from REAL user queries!
  • Wordze– A top notch keyword & marketing tool with search trends, AdWords spyware and Meta search data which pinpoint potential keywords.


For more information on how you can get your company ranking Top 10 on Google in Australia via digital marketing and lead generation for your company website, contact us today!


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