Keywords for mobile conditioning


So Google has announced mobile preference listing in the search engine results page (SERP) and your website is already mobile-optimised, sit back and put your feet up right? Wrong!

Vertical scrolling behaviour

The increase in mobile usage has led to conditioning. A study by Mediative has found that through increased mobile browsing, users have become conditioned to vertical scrolling.


2005 website



2014 website



As you can see, traditionally, browsers engagement was mainly located within the colloquially named ‘golden triangle’. This latest research, however, illustrates that users will now vertically scroll the left hand side of the page, as if they were on a mobile device.

The research suggests that the user is still attempting to find the first listings. However, the increased number of elements that now appear in the SERP has resulted in people taking longer to find it.


What does this mean?

This change in behaviour has 3 major impacts:

  1. Time on page. The amount of time a user spends on the SERP page has almost halved. Users are now more impatient than ever, they are vertically scrolling quickly to find the best match to their search.
  1. Page Rank. Organic positions 2-4 are now receiving more traffic than ever before. While position one still receives around 1/3 of traffic, the top 4 organic listings combined have increased from 47.8% in 2005 to 62.6% in 2014.
  1. Keywords. Full titles and meta descriptions of your pages are not being read, resulting in any information appearing on the right side of the screen not being seen.


What can I do?

Your page specific keywords not only need to be optimised for the right search queries but they now need to be optimised in terms of their position within the SERP.

With the majority of engagement located within the left portion of the screen, your keywords need to reflect this behaviour.


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