What is a Landing Page?


In simple terms a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at, or land on, after clicking an external link. In marketing terms, it is a page that has been created for a single purpose – lead generation.

Why are marketing landing pages so valuable?

Marketing landing pages are created to focus on a single goal. There should be no navigation linking it back to the main website. This limits the options available to visitors, and guides them in the direction of the landing page’s conversion goal.

To be considered a landing page, there are only two things the page needs to do:

1. Have a single focus around set goals.

2. Include a capture form on the page that helps achieve those goals.landing page

Landing pages are used to capture data – such as names and phone numbers – to contact visitors at a later stage.

To capture contact details of as many visitors as possible, the landing page must have a clear and compelling Call To Action (CTA).

There are many types of lead generation landing pages. Which one works best for you depends on the goals of your business. The types of lead generation landing pages include:

  • Quote for trades or services
  • Appointment booking
  • Product enquiry
  • Brochure Download
  • Free trial

 standard landing page


For example, a doctor may use an appointment booking form with the landing page focused around flu shots in the winter and hay fever in spring. A builder might offer a free quote on renovation services, showcasing previous projects and qualifications on the landing page.

Landing pages should stand alone, be compelling, concise and focus on a single goal with a clear CTA. To learn more about landing pages and an example, please visit our information page for landing pages.

Follow this guide and watch the leads start filling up your inbox!


*This blog first appeared on October 9, 2014. It has since been updated.


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