How Landing Pages Can Be A Money Making Tool

Discover what landing pages are and how they can profit the growth of your business!

Have you ever considered creating a landing page, or on the other hand you might be wondering what is a landing page and how can could this possible benefit your business? Well luckily enough this article will touch on all the wonderful advantages landing pages can benefit your business.

Start turning your lead traffic into conversions today!

What is landing page and how do they work?

Landing pages, also known as a “lead capture page” is the heart and soul of a marketers lead generation. They generally serve as a standalone web page distinct from your main website in which a visitor can arrive or ‘land’ on.  It has been designed with a single focus objective with no navigation to tie it to your primary website.

It’s built to serve one purpose – Send traffic specifically to that page to prompt a certain action or result.

How can landing pages benefit me?

Now to the more pressing question; “how can landing pages work for you?”  Landing pages should ‘hook’ your visitors in and offer something in exchange for an action. When they follow through with the exchange (such as a download for their details) this is what we tech nerds call a conversion.

The more conversions you have – the better the overall results suggesting the people visiting your website are looking into your products or services.  These conversions can be people downloading a brochure or filling out a form to be contacted later.  Ultimately the more leads the chances of a sale are highly likely.

When creating a landing page, consider:

  • What product you are offering/advertising , be specific.
  • Your target audience – will they be enticed by your product offering?
  • What you want the landing page to do. For example, do you want your visitors to download a brochure or leave their contact details?

What types of landing pages are there?

  • Click through landing pages: Have the goal to persuade the visitor to click through to another page. These are the most common form of landing pages as the call-to-action button is the main priority on the page.
  • Lead generation landing pages: Are used to capture personal user data, such as name and email address. It will contain a form and description of what you will get in return for submitting your personal information. Collecting this information will allow you to connect and market to the user and will have a direct impact on conversion.
  • The infomercial: This type of page is designed as a sales page. Can be very text heavy with some imagery or video. The goal of this page is to keep the visitor reading from top to bottom, where at the bottom will be a call-to-action button.

There are many techniques, tips and tricks to creating the ultimate landing page. For more information about landing pages contact our professional team today! Get the experts at to evaluate and create a site solution to make a return on your investment. We have effectively managed SEO services for over 1000 customers in Australia.

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