Latest 2013 Australian Online Stats – Get ahead of the trends

Key Stats:

  • 16.8 million Australians are regular Internet users
  • This 16.8 million strong audience clocked up around 40.3 billion minutes online over the month of May.
  • These 40.3 billion minutes were largely spent on social media platforms and video streaming websites, and were accessed frequently via mobile devices.

In a nutshell, this is the way in which Australians are currently integrating the Internet in their daily lives, according to Nielsen’s latest report on the Australian online landscape.

What are the most popular websites and platforms?

Unsurprisingly, the website which receives the greatest unique audience is Google, with the search engine generating an audience of over 14,000,000. Google remains the first point of reference for people making purchasing decisions, your Adwords, SEO & Website conversion strategy needs to reflect this.

The next major occupier of our Internet hours is social media giant Facebook, which generates an audience of over 11,000,000 a month. This position reinforces the benefits of a well-managed social media campaign, especially on major sites such as Facebook.

Are my target customers even looking on the web?

Some may argue that your market is seniors and they are not avid users of the Internet.

Try this on for size – men and women aged 50+ make up 34% of the Australian online audience. That’s the most out of any age group.

25-34 year olds, all the young professionals and families out there, average the most page views per month and the second highest time online per person.

It’s not just those aged 18-24 who are browsing and shopping online – although they do clock up the most time online per month – it’s a wide ranging audience that includes the older generations i.e. those who have the most dispensable income to spend on your products or services.

How does this compare to the same time in 2012?

Australia’s Internet population has only risen slightly, with the most drastic change relating to how much time is spent online. Back in 2012, Australians spent around 29 billion minutes online, well below the 40.3 billion for 2013.

Data for top sites like Google and Facebook also reflect this trend, with audience levels growing slightly and time spent rising by at least 1 hour on average. Demographics were largely the same year on year, with females being slightly more active than men.

Tip: Analyse and micro segment your Google traffic data.

Potential customers are spending more time researching and are more informed more than ever. You need to work harder to target and influence potential customers to engage with your business.


Emerging Internet Usage Trends in 2013/2014

The future is certainly and fast growth areas are certainly mobile and video marketing. Mobile needs to be treated as its own channel, whilst video should be used as an integrated part of your content strategy.

The facts are this. When it came to browsing online, 36% of Australians did so via a tablet or mobile device. The growth of “full mobile substitution” users (i.e. those who used their mobile for both internet and call functions, rather than opting for a home phone) grew by 70% in the past year (from approx. 280,000 to 420,000 Australians).

Then there’s the video side of things. On average, Australians spend almost 7 hours streaming about 140 different videos. Is one of those videos yours? If not, you’re missing some quality show time with potential new customers.

What do these numbers tell Australian business owners?

The numbers show that both these mediums are on the rise, so you can be sure that they will be the talk of the town before too long. Get in first and the market is yours to influence.

This tagline applies to any type of business from local to national, B2B to B2C. Having a strong presence in the mobile sector and interactive video content will ensure you are keeping ahead of the pack.

If you would like to learn more about either of these mediums, follow the links above. For more information or to engage in any of our Search Engine Optimisation services including: social media, mobile targeting or video marketing, contact the team at

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