Launch of Google Instant Preview

Instant preview leads to faster searches for consumers

We all know the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, well, now Google is making us do exactly that. In the next two days, Google is implementing ‘Instant Previews.’ Instant Previews gives users the option to click on an image of a magnifying glass next to search results, in order to view the website’s pages before you commit to going to the website, like a new age try-before-you-buy. Once you have clicked on one magnifier, however, as you scroll down you will see previews of all websites.  As with all changes to Google’s algorithm, Instant Previews has been extensively tested – and Google engineer Ben Gomes says the new function improved user satisfaction with search results by 5%. Instant Preview will only be used in organic results, including maps, but eliminating AdWords. Product manager Raj Krishnan says the product is lightning fast; users will a snapshot of the website in one tenth of a second.

Google Optimization customers can look forward to improved optimisation – website previews will highlight all relevant keywords across the page preview, providing the searcher the opportunity to see relevant keywords (highlighted in orange) before they click.  Instant Preview looks to enhance the importance of SEO, only a short time after Google Place Search highlighted the necessity of maps. While alternative search engines Yahoo and Bing also test new ideas, Google maintains its dominance of the marketplace, and the most effective changes.

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