Link Anchor Text

What is link anchor text?

Link anchor text is a web coding term used to describe the on-page text which links from a web page to another web page. The link anchor text is usually keyword-rich – that is, the text that redirects you to another page should reflect the content that is on that page.

As an example, if you have an electronics store that sells digital SLR cameras, amongst other items your link anchor text will be ‘digital cameras’; ‘digital SLR camera’; ‘brand name digital cameras’ or something similar – the keyword should reflect what the page is about.

If you have a special offer on digital cameras or new information relating to digital SLR cameras on your homepage, blog, Facebook page or external business directory, then you will want to link that article to the relevant page of your website. Appropriate anchor text is the best way of doing this and improves the visibility of that page in relation to that keyword in Google’s eyes. Using your business name ‘XYZ Pty. Ltd.’ as the link anchor text is a good way of increasing the visibility of your website but in this instance it is not the right approach, unless you are trying to direct general shopping traffic to your website.

Link anchor text should accurately reflect the page it links to

Also, linking the anchor text to your homepage as a default approach is okay if the anchor text describes your general mode of business – for example in this case ‘electronic goods’; ‘cheap electronics online’ but ‘ if someone searches ‘digital camera’ in Google and lands on a directory which links to your website, then they are going to be disappointed/annoyed/frustrated to see that they land on your homepage and have to start looking for digital cameras all over again.

“But it’s easy to find the digital cameras from our homepage,” you say. That’s because you know your website inside out, customers in a hurry may not.

Modern consumers are quite impatient and faster internet speeds dictate that if you can’t help them instantly, the next website will, or even the next one. So as a rule, link anchor text should fit the exact nature of the web page it is linking to.

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