Link Building To Improve Search Engine Rankings

Link building should start with a link worthy website

The most important element of your link building strategy is good content (that will get the ‘Content Vs. Links’ debate rolling!). Although there are conflicting views amongst SEOs globally on what works better from a search engine optimisation point of view – content or link building – the reality is that poor content makes your website an unattractive link prospect.

Content is not just the text, it also includes imagery, tables, videos and whatever other information visitors will come to your site for. However, only the text can be crawled and interpreted by Google’s spiders so to get the most from your SEO strategy, you need fresh, regular keyword-rich content updates. The frequency with which your site gets crawled will depend on its visibility and authority – that’s where the link building becomes vitally important.

Link Building Strategies should rely greatly on common sense

You will probably find thousands of pages offering advice on building successful linking strategies – ‘Link Building Tips’, ‘Link Building 101 Guides’ etc. When it boils down to it, a handful of key points of reference and bucket loads of common sense is all you need to build a successful linking strategy.

It’s important to note that despite all the quick-fixes and SEO 101 guides online, there is no easy way to success online. Any industry that delivers billions of dollars in global sales each year can’t be solved with a ‘Quick-Fix 101 Guide for Dummies’ so stop kidding yourself. Invest either (a) dollars or (b) time and effort.

Investing dollars, you should get expertise and experience and SEO link building that works. If you decide to opt for (b), then be prepared for a sustained effort – throwing the kitchen sink at it for three weeks is not a realistic game plan.

Content worth linking to: Writing content for the sake of writing content is a mistake. Your business has knowledge and quality advice to impart on customers and potential customers so share it. Being a source of up-to-date, quality, resourceful information builds trust. If other businesses trust you, they are more likely to link to your website.

Expose your website: Syndicate press releases for new developments within your business or industry. Submit articles to industry body/trade websites; register your site with local Chambers of Commerce and your local library website.

Utilise FREE online resources & social networks: Create Google Places, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles and update them regularly. Create a Wikipedia page and link to your site. Answer questions on Yahoo! Answers, referring to your website. Be sure to keep these pages up-to-date, creating accounts and never using them is worse for your brand image than never creating one.

.gov or .edu: Google puts greater emphasis on links from these domains. Is your business affiliated with an education facility or government department? Is it a possibility in the future? If so, such a link would be pure gold.

Relevant linking: If you are linking from an article or external directory or from Facebook or something similar – don’t have your ‘cheap mobile phones’ link anchor text linking to your electronics store home page – link it to your internal page – your mobile phone page, it’s what the searcher is looking for.

Link Exchanges: Consider mutual links with related businesses (not competitors) – maybe regional or global variations of your business that are not direct competitors.

Best Practice Link Building – think outside the box!

The immediate reaction to a problem nowadays is to ‘Google’ it. When people want a solution to a web-related problem, the assumption is that the solution is online. You know your business better than any SEO agency – you should know where the linking opportunities are going to come from. For instance, why use Facebook if you know that none of your customers do? If you sell boat motors – why not write articles on boat motors for local fishing websites and link to your site? Think outside the box that is your computer screen!

For more on link building and devising a SEO strategy that delivers long-term success to your business, contact today!

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