What is Link Detox?

Link Detox Tool Review “With the aid of Link Detox at ROI.com.au we have saved countless man hours and cleaned up over 750,000 links for our clients.”

So what is Link Detox?

Link Detox is a simple, yet effective, tool that locates and evaluates all links that are pointed to a website.

It runs an algorithm to separate the links and categorises them into groups of “good” and “bad” links that are beneficial or potentially harmful to search engine rankings.

Within a delivered Link Detox report is a comprehensive list of links ranging from “Deadly Risk” to “Very Low Risk” links, helping to find links which could be potentially harmful to a site’s organic search rankings.

We’ve tackled the subject of link building before, and the game has changed considerably in two short years.


Why is Link Detox Important?

The tool provides an overall Link Detox Risk Score. Simply put, the score indicates the likelihood of incurring Google penalties – the lower the score, the more likely a site is safe. Discover more about Google Penalties.

The tool provides insights to make specific changes to a website and link structure.

It monitors improvements and changes of the Link Detox Risk Score over time, allowing a user to track progress.

It can be used to assess whether rapid action is needed to avoid penalties and can provide contact details of any owners in charge of those linked pages.

Google is continuously updating their algorithms, and this tool can prepare users for any future updates as well as speeding up the process of analysing a link profile.

This is particularly important for larger websites with a high number of links.


How is the Link Detox Score Calculated?

There are two components to the overall link score.

The first is based on the individual risk level of a single link, and the second is the overall risk counted across all bad link signals found.

The result is categorised into one of six categories, ranging across “Deadly Risk,” “Very High Risk,” “High Risk,” “Moderate Risk,” “Low Risk,” and “Very Low Risk.”

The links found are assessed against a set of toxic link rules (TOX1-TOX3) and a set of suspicious link rules (SUSP1-SUSP31).

Each rule carries a different weight and if triggered, impacts the overall risk score differently. A full definition of Link Detox Rules is available here.

The overall score is an average of all triggered risk rules per link.

This does however mean that some high risk links may still be prevalent even if the overall score is considered “Low Risk.”


How to use the tool?

At roi.com.au, the best use of Link Detox has been for link audits for Australian businesses that have already received a Google penalty or are at risk of a penalty in the near future.

Link Detox, amongst a suite of several other link-based tools, helps our team prepare and submit a disavow file to Google as well as informing a subsequent link removal process.

We have successfully implemented the use of Link Detox in over 65 audits and 12 manual link clean-ups.

We have reviewed over 750,000 links and with the help of Link Detox, we have significantly improved audit time and efficiency, as a result our clients can often overcome and prevent potentially disastrous Google Penalties.

Disclaimer: This article was produced as part of a learning initiative for our graduate program. The tips and facts presented are not necessarily shared by roi.com.au
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