Linking Google Analytics to AdWords

Q. How do I link my Google Analytics Account to my AdWords account?

A. Linking your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account is a very simple procedure, but also one that provides an incredible insight in to the relationship between your AdWords account and your website. The performance of your AdWords campaign can be compared in detail against your SEO campaign providing valuable data which allows you to refine and improve your strategy in either or both campaigns.

To set it up, ensure that the email address you used to set up your Google account is included as an administrator in your Analytics account. Once this is finalised, simply log in to your AdWords account and under the tab ‘Reporting and Tools’, click Google Analytics. On the next page, click that you already have an existing account, open it up, and… ta-da! How easy was that? If you currently have e-commerce tracking included on your account, AdWords cost data will automatically feed through to you Google Analytics account.

If you would like to interpret Google AdWords and Analytics data in a way that delivers a greater return on your online advertising spend, contact today on 1300 650 274.

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