Local SEO and Google Map Optimisation

All the research shows that people like to use the Internet to research global and buy local. The Internet is fastest way to find out what you want, the local shop is the fastest way for you to get it.  Furthermore, a large amount of people search locally, which means that local search engine optimization not only provides lots of traffic, but also qualified buying traffic.

If someone is searching for office furniture Melbourne, they are ready to buy and walk into your store. They are far more qualified than some searching for a “chair” or a “desk”. Google thinks local search is so important they have developed their own local search algorithm using Google Maps which is called Google Places or Local Listings.

Localising content and thinking local with your SEO strategy will have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. Google Map optimisation is an integral part of this process and involves more than just submitting your site to Google Places. The value of being listed at the top of Google’s local search results is huge, so it pays to engage specialists to ensure your business gets on top and stays there.

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