Location, Location, Location – Google Place’s SEO 101

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In this ever evolving world of digital marketing it is vital that every opportunity is utilised to ensure your competing  effectively within this ever advancing industry, as you can be sure your competitions will be doing everything & and some to compete against you!

‘Google Places’ is a fantastic feature that gives your business the opportunity to rank of the first page for particular keyword searches, allowing you the opportunity to directly compete against both ‘organic’ & ‘paid ad’ search results – and what makes it all that more amazing is it’s for free!


1. Getting Started!

So first things first, get started by going & grabbing your Google My Business Page, this will allow you to access the Google My Business Dashboard from where you can then claim/create your ‘Page’, and then go onto optimize your listing, ensuring the best likelihood to appear within Google Maps for ranking keywords.

2. Keywords Are Key

A common mistake in Google Places is selecting the relevant keywords, this is vital as only certain keywords will appear within ‘Google Places Packs’, you can see an example of this when you do a search for keywords “Coke” and then “wedding planner”; notice how one has a map listing and the other does not.

As such it is vital to identify the relevant keywords that actually have ‘places packs’ opportunities.

Doing a basic Google search of relevant keywords to your business can vastly increase the effectiveness of your content writing within your Google My Business description section of your page.

3. Cut To The Chase

A great practice is to adopt hyperlinking wherever possible within your Places Page, listing off your services/products also allows you to thread keywords without content seeming ‘stuffed’ or lacking readability.

The simple sentence “Some of our services/products include:” can precede a dot-point list or your services/products – often entailing keywords, with each hyperlinked to your relevant website page, allowing for vastly improved ease-of-use for visitors.

A great example of this is Silver Boat Photography.

4. A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Words

Never underestimate the effectiveness of naming conventions when saving media.

When uploading pictures to your Google Places page ensure all your media content fully exploits the opportunity to thread keywords, avoid naming your pictures with a series of meaningless letters & numbers instead thread your keywords by simply naming your images with relevant wording conventions.

A frequent naming convention is “<Business Name + 2-3 words describing the image>, this allows for additional opportunities to mention your brand/business name and products/service.

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5. Critical Categories Choice’s

It is vital that your Google Places Page is reviewed on a regular basis as with my aspects of Google Places categories often change.

The most recent update within categories has resulted in many options being removed, as Google becomes increasingly efficient at producing relevant search results – and thus not reviewing your categories may result in an obsolete/ineffective Google Places Page.


6. The Devil’s In the Details

Google loves perfection so consistency is vital! Ensure that your Google My Business Place Page information is identical to what is displayed on your business website as this is often a simple process but often poorly executed.

7. To Conclude

Following these critical points is a fantastic way to get started, but as we all know a key aspect of Google is innovation, so to ensure you don’t fall behind in Places SEO constant updates, blog reading & trialing new techniques should be adopted to ensure your content is fresh & relevant, ultimately improving upon your authority within Google Places.


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