The Long Road to Recovery from a Google Penalty

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The 7 Stages of Google Grief





1. Denial – You’re rankings have plummeted; Traffic volumes vanish overnight. You did everything right. This can’t be your fault, can it? Unfortunately, the reality is Google penalises anyone it believes deliberately manipulates the system and violates their quality guidelines.

2. Pain – Denial soon becomes pain when the effects of a Google penalty translate into loss of business. It’s going to be a long and painful road to recovery.

3. Anger –The blame game begins. Boycott Google, blast the marketing company. Whose fault is it that your business is suffering? Many factors can contribute to a penalty. Things that worked 5 years ago certainly don’t work now and it’s probably just taken Google time to catch up.

4. Depression –Time to face facts and accept you have been hit by a penalty. At this point everything might seem hopeless, especially knowing that recovering isn’t going to be easy.

5. The Upward Turn – You took advice and engaged a digital marketing agency or an SEO professional after reading hundreds of blogs to try and fix the issue yourself. Now you’re heading in the right direction.

6. Reconstruction – Something that needs to be kept in mind is that the position your site was in before being hit by a penalty will never be the same. Reconstruction isn’t just about the removal of what is causing a penalty, it’s also about proactively building authority. You may never see the exact same rankings or traffic as you did (as, technically according to Google, you did that unnaturally). But by taking a more holistic approach you may be able to achieve sustainable growth in the long term.

7. Hope – The entire journey to recover from a Google penalty is long, but as you start to see results there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel.

The journey might not be over, as it can take years to see a complete recovery. Forget what you used to rank for and focus on the progress. The past isn’t something you can replicate exactly (or you’d just be hit by a penalty again). You’ve hit rock bottom. It’s time to start the hard climb back to the top.


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