Long Tail SEO

What is Long Tail SEO?

Longtail SEO refers to search engine keyword searches which use three or more words. For example, someone searching for a second hand vehicle might search ‘used cars’ but a long tail variation of such a keyword would be ‘cheapest used Holden cars in north Melbourne’. The value in long tail SEO is that searches are far more specific, so as a result searchers are far more qualified – they are closer to the purchasing decision than in short tail searches.

In this instance we know that the searcher is not just looking for a used car or information on used cars – we know they want a cheap price, we know they want a Holden and we know that they want to find it in (or near) North Melbourne, probably because it’s closest to where they live.

Long tail search engine optimisation (SEO) provides greater scope and depth in terms of traffic opportunities and can produce the easiest wins for businesses willing to focus on long tail variations. Sure, every car dealer wants to get ranking for ‘used cars’ because the traffic for that keyword is high – but so is competition, and it can take an eternity to even contend for that keyword. That’s why focusing on long tail SEO keyword variations makes more sense – think like your customers, what are they likely to search in Google to end up at your car dealership or whatever other line of business you are in?

Long Tail SEO Key Phrase searchers are further along the buying cycle

If you think about the purchasing process for a modern consumer buying a second hand car, they will probably search ‘used car’ or ‘secondhand car’ and get a plethora of results showing places that are geographically out of reach; used cars that are out of their budget range etc. So the next time they search, when they are closer to buying a car, they will have refined their expectations based on price, make & model and most likely location, so it makes sense that a search for ‘cheapest used Holden cars in north Melbourne’ is a better sales prospect than someone that searches ‘used cars’. This is why SEO services are tailored to Melbourne targeted searches and can be more valuable to businesses providing services to local areas.

So why battle for weeks, months (and possibly years) to get onto the first page of Google for ‘used cars’ when the real value is to be had from lesser numbers of more qualified traffic? Of course if you are already on the first page for ‘used cars’, optimising your website for longtail keyword variations presents a valuable opportunity to dominate your space and close off avenues to existing and emerging competitors.

This is especially true when you consider that Google is likely to eventually give greater authority on short tail keyword searches to a company that is proving dominant on long tail variations relevant to the same product or keyword thread.

Use Google Analytics for Valuable Long Tail SEO Keyword Insights

Your Google Analytics account will provide you with valuable information on what long tail SEO keywords searchers are using to get to your website. While you may be only targeting 10, 20 or 30 keywords, the likelihood is that long tail variations will contribute scores, if not hundreds of keywords that generate traffic for your website.

You will find the 80/20 rule applies logically to SEO and keywords. 80% of your traffic will probably come from a small number of keywords, but the 20% of traffic coming from longtail keywords is likely to convert greater numbers of customers.

At roi.com.au, in all of our search engine optimisation we are focused on delivering the most qualified traffic at the lowest cost – it’s not all about increased numbers of traffic – you want sales and longtail SEO keywords provide a genuine opportunity for easy wins. Of course you don’t want to lose sight of the most competitive keywords, but longtail SEO presents considerable value which can’t be ignored.

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