Look before you leap! Use Google AdWords’ traffic estimator

Jumping headfirst into anything is almost always unadvisable. You should always try to calculate the risks versus the rewards, and make sure the benefits are worth the time and effort you’ll be expending to achieve results. This holds true for SEO, which is a time-consuming and often labor-intensive endeavor; before you commit to a keyword strategy, you should first have some insurance that the keywords you’ll be using will yield a positive outcome.

Google AdWords traffic estimator is a valuable tool for a variety of reasons, but those who are looking to start a new keyword campaign can most benefit from this service. Since it is not necessary to have an AdWords account to use the traffic estimator, anyone who is looking to gather preliminary keyword statistics can use this tool. However, if you are using the estimator without a Google AdWords account, you should be prepared for a margin of error in the statistics, since the program will not have the advantage of access to any information about your specific keyword campaign.

The traffic estimator is a valuable commodity for those who would like to know about a keyword, or keywords, before spending time and money adding them into an SEO campaign. The traffic estimator will give you information about a keyword’s probable popularity, its usual per day click rate, the average cost-per-click you should expect, as well as how many clicks you can look forward to for that particular keyword (based on the budget you set forth when setting the estimation parameters).

Those who aren’t planning to set up an AdWords account can also benefit from the traffic estimator. If you have an AdSense account and are looking to direct more traffic to your site—presumably to generate more revenue for you—you can use the traffic estimator’s data to decide how to enhance your keyword strategy.

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