How Do I Manage Multiple Google Maps Listings?

Short Answer: If your business has multiple physical locations, listings should be created for each location under the one Google My Business Account so that they can be easily managed and found in Google searches. If you have 10 or more business locations, Google provides the bulk location management function to help streamline processes, otherwise the normal dashboard can be used to verify, optimise and manage your listings (1-9).

 google map

Why Google Map listings are so important

Having a strong local search presence and visibility is becoming increasingly important for multi-location brands. If you don’t have all of your physical business locations verified and fully optimised on Google My Business, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to improve rankings, website traffic, and in-store foot traffic.

Important: Ensure all listings are created under the same account on Google My Business (don’t create different accounts with different log in details for each listing).

Managing fewer than 10 map listings

If your business has 1-9 locations, create a Google My Business account (ideally using an email address with your business domain) and then follow Google’s instruction to create and manage your listings through the normal Dashboard.

You should be able to view and manage all of your listings on the following ‘Pages’ screen, found under ‘Home’:

 map listing

Managing 10 map listings or more

With 10 locations or more, you still need to create a Google My Business account (ideally using an email address with your business domain). You can then use Google’s instructions for bulk location management.

This streamlined process involves putting your business details into a spreadsheet and importing this to Google My Business Locations. You will need to request bulk verification, which means all locations are verified at once.

 map listing 2

You will need to request bulk upload verification, and then check your email updates to find out the status of your verification request. Once verified, you can upload additionallocations using new spreadsheets or by adding individually.

 map listing 3

If don’t have any existing listings, setting up your Google My Business account and getting your listings verified and optimised is fairly straight forward, simply follow Google’s instructions once you’ve logged in.

Managing multiple listings is not always straight forward, however, especially if you have duplicate listings or multiple accounts. This is when it pays to have a Google My Business Specialist on your side!

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