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Market Snapshot Baby Bunting

Baby Products

The most important thing for new parents is finding the right products for their baby. Safety is a major concern, but so is cost and convenience. We’ve decided to use our Market Snapshot tool to look at baby products to determine the companies that are making waves when it comes to clicks on Google.

The three search terms we used were:

  1. Pram
  2. Cot
  3. Car Seat

The Data

We chose Baby Bunting as the sample website. The business started in Melbourne more than 30 years ago and has grown to become Australia’s largest nursery retailer.

As a major player in the baby product market, Baby Bunting has an online store and 24 traditional brick and mortar locations across Australia.

Apart from the three products detailed above, Baby Bunting also sells change tables, baby clothing, Manchester, toys, high chairs, bottles, nappies and wipes, and other baby accessories.

Baby bunting logo

Despite Baby Bunting featuring high in all three search query, there are still significant opportunities for the company to increase the clicks to its website.

Baby Bunting is trailing Ikea, which is receiving 2,300 more clicks for cots a month than the baby store.

Baby Bunting current ranks number 1 on monthly search volume for both prams and car seats.

As the first graph (below) demonstrates, Baby Bunting is grabbing a massive amount of clicks from people searching Google for prams.

However, snapping at the heels is website Pram Warehouse, with less than 2% of share separating the two sellers.

Baby bunting pram segment results

The Opportunities

The Segment Competition score shows that all segments in this field are extremely competitive. The score is based on the level of competition on Google for keywords entered and the top 25 other most relevant keywords in the search. It is rated between zero and 1, with a score closer to 1 demonstrating a stronger competition and more businesses bidding for keywords in that segment.

As the graph below shows, the most competitive score out of the three segments is cot, with a segment score of 0.90. This was followed by pram, with a high 0.86 segment score. While in third place, car seat garnered another high score of 0.77.

Despite the high segment competition scores in all three fields, Baby Bunting is still achieving first place results in two out of the three categories, while ranking second in the other.

Baby Bunting Segment Score

While these results are impressive, there are still significant opportunities for Baby Bunting to grow its online business.

In the pram segment, for example, its website is currently receiving 17,355 click. But, they have the opportunity to grow this by close to 16,000 more clicks to 33,000.

More impressive is the potential in the car seat segment, where they could more than double their traffic from 13,187 to 26,863. This is a growth of 50.91%.

Out of the three segment scores, there is the least amount of competition in car seats. This would allow the 50% traffic growth to be an easier and more effective win for Baby Bunting.

Baby Bunting Car Seat Segment

As a point of interest, more than 6,000 clicks in the pram search query are going to the website Product Review every month.

Baby Bunting currently does not have a review section on its website, but the data clearly supports people wanting reviews of pram products.

This could be a key opportunity for the company to develop a review mechanism on its website in order to put concerned parents at ease.

Alternatively, Baby Bunting could use this as an opportunity to advertise on the Product Review website, in order to push potential buyers searching for reviews to their website.

The Verdict

In three easy steps, Market Snapshot can provide valuable insights for any business into who the major players are in their markets, where the biggest growth opportunities lie and how they shift their marketing efforts to get fast results.

Step 1: Enter your keywords

Step 2: Generate the report

Step 3: Fill out your contact details

Visit the Market Snapshot website to test drive our free tool. The results will be emailed to your inbox in seconds. Don’t forget to get in touch if you need help analysing the data and preparing an action plan for your business.

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