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Accommodation Market

Short Stay Accommodation

We have taken a look at the short stay accommodation sector to see who the major movers and shakers are. The three search terms we used were:

  1. Weekend Escapes
  2. Romantic Getaways
  3. Family Getaways

The Data

We used Beautiful Accommodation as our sample website. The business features in all three of our search reports, with major opportunities to increase clicks to their website in each segment.

While Beautiful Accommodation ranks #1 on monthly search volume for Romantic Getaways, our report highlights an opportunity to increase clicks on this search term by more than 1100 per month. They would achieve this if they ranked #1 in the 25 most relevant keywords related to this search term.

This would see Beautiful Accommodation’s share of clicks jump from 19% to more than 31% of the total search market for Romantic Getaways. Impressed?

Oz Day getaways - romantic getaways

Weekend escapes

The Opportunities

Well, Market Snapshot also highlights websites with similar audiences that attract clicks on these search terms but do not directly compete for the same business – such as the Visit NSW website and Trip Advisor. They both might be excellent opportunities for advertising, linking or referral deals. And, if a business was on the acquisition trail, our report shows the competitors they should be seeking to buy.

The benefits of obtaining the Market Snapshot data don’t stop there. It shows Beautiful Accommodation has a smaller share of two much bigger markets – Weekend Escapes and Family Getaways.

Oz Day getaways - weekend escapes

family getaways

Focusing on growing these segments has the potential to boost their audience and increase the volume of clicks to their website much faster than spending time and energy in a smaller segment they already dominate.

It’s also interesting to see the Market Competition score. Our software gives a rating from zero to 1 based on an assessment of the level of competition in the segment. The higher the score, the more competitive the market is and the harder it is to stand out.

The data in this report shows Beautiful Accommodation would be better directing its efforts to growing its share of the Weekend Escapes market, rather than Family Escapes.

With a potential to get more than 25,000 new clicks per month from Weekend Escapes searchers, this is almost double the 16,000 clicks available from Family Escapes searchers.

Oz Day getaways - family getaways

romantic getaways

The Verdict

In three easy steps, Market Snapshot can provide valuable insights for any business into who the major players are in their markets, where the biggest growth opportunities lie and how they shift their marketing efforts to get fast results.

Step 1: Enter you keywords

Step 2: Generate the report

Step 3: Fill out your contact details

Visit the Market Snapshot website to test drive our free tool or register for a report to be compiled by one of our experts today. The results will be emailed to your inbox in seconds. Don’t forget to get in touch if you need help analysing the data and preparing an action plan for your business.

Our internal systems are market leading and one of a kind. They are absolutely unmatched in Australia.


We’d love to hear what you think of Market Snapshot. Tell us what you have learned and if you’re ready to make any changes to your digital marketing strategy as a result of the insights it has delivered.

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